Who is the CEO of HCL America?

Who is the CEO of HCL America?

C Vijayakumar (Oct 2016–)HCL Technologies / CEOC Vijayakumar is the chief executive officer and Managing Director of HCL Technologies. He is currently a Board Member of the US-India Business Council. Wikipedia

Who is the CEO of HCL 2022?

C Vijayakumar
HCL Technologies

HCL Technologies campus in Noida
Area served Worldwide
Key people Roshni Nadar Malhotra (Chairperson) Shiv Nadar (Chairman Emeritus & CSO) C Vijayakumar (CEO)
Services Software
Revenue ₹85,665 crore (US$11 billion) (2022)

Who is the owner of HCL technology?

HCL EnterpriseHCL Technologies / Parent organization

Shiv Nadar is the Founder of HCL Enterprise, a US$10.8 billion global organization with over 187,000 professionals operating from 50 countries. He is also the Chairman Emeritus & Strategic Advisor to the Board of HCL Technologies, a group company and India’s third-largest IT services organization.

What is net worth of Mukesh Ambani?

87.4 billion USD (2022)Mukesh Ambani / Net worth

Who is the CEO of HCL Technologies?

President & CEO, HCL Technologies. C Vijayakumar (CVK or Vijay) is the President & Chief Executive Officer of HCL Technologies, a US$ 8.6 billion global technology company.

Who is HCL Technologies new CMO Jill Kouri?

New York, US/Noida, India, July 28, 2021: HCL Technologies today announced Jill Kouri’s addition to the executive team as Chief Marketing Officer.

Who is HCl?

Led by 187,000+ professionals working across 50 countries around the globe, HCL helps forward looking enterprises re–imagine their businesses through transformative Technology Solutions and Services.

Why did HCl appoint CAC Vijayakumar?

C Vijayakumar’s appointment reflects the maturity of HCL succession planning and practice of nurturing leadership in the technology industry. He will continue to be based in the USA, closer to our clients and key technology partners further strenghtening execution of our strategy.