Is Colleen Ballinger still married to Erik Stocklin?

Is Colleen Ballinger still married to Erik Stocklin?

Personal life. Stocklin began dating Colleen Ballinger, his co-star from Haters Back Off, by early 2018. The couple wed later the same year. They have three children: a son, Flynn Timothy Stocklin, born on December 10, 2018, and a twin boy and girl, Wesley Koy and Maisy Joanne Stocklin, born on November 6, 2021.

What happened Colleen?

Patty Williams kidnapped Colleen, who managed to escape by canoe but fell into the lake and drowned. At the hospital, she was declared brain dead, and Traci made the decision to take her off life support and donate her heart to an ailing Victor.

How long did Colleen and Erik date?

Erik Stocklin After meeting on the set of her show Haters Back Off, the pair started dating in 2018 and wed later that year. They’ve since welcomed three kids together.

Did Colleen get pregnant before she got married?

Ballinger gave birth to her first child, son Flynn, in December 2018. She became pregnant again a few years later but suffered a miscarriage. “It made me so excited to be pregnant, excited to meet that baby, so losing that was devastating,” she said in a February 2021 vlog.

Did Colleen and Danny break up?

After giving up the Iron Fist and amicably splitting from Colleen, Danny decided to set out to Asia to uncover the true history of the Iron Fist.

Is Kory in Haters back off?

DeSoto appeared in the Netflix series “Hater’s Back Off,” which was created by internet star Colleen Ballinger. DeSoto and Ballinger have been very close friends since college, and he works for her as her personal assistant.

How did Erik and Colleen fall in love?

Colleen and Erik first met as co-stars on a show titled, “Haters Back Off”, which is centered around Colleen’s character alias, Miranda Sings. Colleen played the main protagonist Miranda Sings, while Erik played Patrick, Miranda’s love interest. The couple started dating in early 2018, and married later the same year.

How long did Erik and Colleen date?