What are Clip tips?

What are Clip tips?

ClipTip pipette tips feature “clips” that lock tips in place with a light touch for a secure seal on every channel. Tips will not loosen or fall off and will only release when ejected using minimal application pressure, making daily pipetting a totally new experience.

Who makes pipette tips?

Top 7 pipette tip manufacturers worldwide. Hamilton Company was started by Clark Hamilton in the year 1953. The main office of Hamilton Company is in Reno, Nevada, United States. Subsidiaries: Hamilton Bonaduz AG; Hamilton Storage Technologies, Inc.; Hamilton Germany GmbH; Hamilton Robotics, Inc.

What are beveled pipette tips?

Beveled tips reduce liquid retention at the distal orifice of the pipette tip by minimizing liquid build up when dispensing fluids.

What materials are pipette tips made of?

Pipette Tips are made of molded plastics and are clear to allow for easy view of the contents. Micropipette tips can be purchased non-sterile or sterile, filtered or non-filted and all of them should be DNase, RNase, DNA, and pyrogen free.

What is a bevelled tip?

1. a slanting edge. 2. the slanted portion of a needle tip that facilitates nontraumatic entry into a vein. Beveled needle tip.

What is the diameter of a pipette tip?

9.6 mm diameter, particularly slender shape.

What tips fit Rainin pipettes?

Rainin pipette tips fit most pipette brands, including a pipette tip for Rainin, Gilson, Eppendorf, Sartorius (BioHit), Thermo (Finn), and VWR pipettes.

What are the two general types of micropipettes?

Micropipettes can be mainly categorized into two types – Air Displacement Micropipettes and Positive Displacement Micropipettes.

Are Rainin tips Universal?

Pipette Tips for Laboratories We offer universal, dispenser, Rainin LTS-type, and specialty tips for the proper fit – with non-sterile and sterile tip options available. Our universal pipette tips are designed to fit various single and multichannel pipettes.