What is auralia?

What is auralia?

Ear training with real music With 59 topics and endless customisation Auralia® is the most comprehensive ear training software available. All the fundamentals are covered; pitch, rhythm, intervals, chords, scales and tuning. Progress through cadences, dictation, harmony, jazz progressions and melodic transcription!

Is perfect ear a good app?

Perfect Ear provides you with high quality, unique ear training, rhythm training and solfège capabilities. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or a professional – you will find something that will make you a better musician. Across the globe music teachers recommend Perfect Ear to their students every day.

Is auralia a subscription?

Note that Auralia First and Musition First are a 12 month subscription service; please don’t hesitate to contact us directly if you have any particular requirements.

Does auralia work on an iPad?

Our new suite of single topic apps are now available for iPad & iPhone. They all feature the same great content, customisation, lessons and record keeping features you’ve come to expect from Auralia and Musition. Our Cloud solution now works on iPad, iPhone and Android, right in your web browser.

Is perfect ear free?

Complete Ear Trainer Cons: Complete Ear Trainer is available on Android and iOS. It is free but has a one-time in-app purchase to unlock the full range of features.

What are aural skills?

Aural Skills, or ear training, strives to produce a listener/performer who can perceive sound in meaningful patterns–developing a hearing mind and a thinking ear. This is achieved by the tandem development of two types of activities: listening and performance.

What is auralia cloud?

This annual Cloud Edition license provides flexible usage, allowing students to practice ear training at school, at home, or on the go. Auralia 5 comes with 43 topics divided into five groups: Intervals & Scales, Chords, Rhythm, Harmony & Form, and Pitch & Melody.

Who is EarMaster designed for?

EarMaster has been designed in collaboration with music teachers. It was designed to meet the needs of: Music students who need to practice for ear training and sight-singing exams Music teachers, schools and choirs looking for a reliable tool to teach ear training and sight-singing at all levels of tuition

What devices can I use EarMaster on?

In EarMaster, you can do functional ear training by using the built-in functional keyboard. With personal and school subscriptions, you can use EarMaster on any computer, phone or tablet running Windows, macOS, Android or iOS, and sync your results and settings across them.

What schools use EarMaster for ear training?

Here is a short list of some of the schools that use or have recently used EarMaster for their ear training and music theory classes. Happy travel! Sct. Knuds Gymnasium Note for Linux users: We have heard from several users that they got EarMaster to work with W.I.N.E without major issues.

Why choose Auralia ®?

It’s easy-to-use interface makes it the perfect way to introduce music ear training to people of all ages. Auralia ® is suitable for both classical, jazz and contemporary musicians of any age and ability! “I have used the software to set worksheets and track students’ progress.