What is the meaning of myopia in marketing?

What is the meaning of myopia in marketing?

The term “marketing myopia” describes when a company is so focused on quick sales and mass production of goods they lose sight of their long-term goals and customer needs. This shortsightedness in a marketing strategy or business model prevents a company from achieving long-term success.

Who is the father of marketing myopia?

Book Description. Theodore Levitt’s 1960 article “Marketing Myopia” is a business classic that earned its author the nickname “the father of modern marketing”. It is also a beautiful demonstration of the problem solving skills that are crucial in so many areas of life – in business and beyond.

What is marketing myopia and how can it be avoided PDF?

Marketing Myopia Defined Marketing myopia, then, is a failure to understand how a business or product can solve a customer’s needs. Instead of focusing on evolving desires in the market or audience, myopic marketing only considers short-term business goals like sales.

Why is marketing myopia important?

Marketing Myopia becomes very important if a company understands it. Sometimes there is too much focus on selling in the short term that they stop understanding the consumer behavior especially the needs of the customer. Needs of the customer in a market evolves over time.

What are the advantages of marketing myopia?

Marketing myopia summary Approaches such as agile marketing helps to rapidly iterate for changing customer needs with nothing staying the same for long. Combining these ‘sprints’ and ‘scrums’ for short-term gain has a greater chance of success when combined with strategic marketing planning.

What is marketing Kotler and Keller?

According to Kotler & Keller (2012), marketing is how to identify and meet human needs and social needs. One of the simplest definitions of marketing is “meeting profitable needs”, that is how to turn a need into a profitable business opportunity.

Is marketing myopia relevant today?

Marketing myopia has never been more applicable than today because the original idea is not prescriptive. Rather than giving an instruction manual for eliminating marketing myopia, Levitt was about provoking people to think differently and changed how business school students were taught about marketing.

What is green marketing myopia?

1. The marketing practice that, involves an effort to improve the environmental quality of its product or service, but does not attain customer satisfaction, creating and imbalance between the marketing goals of the company.

Who is the father of modern marketing?

Philip Kotler
Philip Kotler, the Father of Modern Marketing, Will Never Retire.