Who was in the One Direction Pepsi commercial?

Who was in the One Direction Pepsi commercial?

Drew Brees
NEW YORK (AP) — One Direction is Pepsi’s newest pop star. The soda company is partnering with the boy band and NFL star Drew Brees for an ad that will debut this week.

How old is the average One Direction fan?

Some 46 per cent of fans of the teenage boyband are aged 35 and above, while 15 per cent of fans are over 55. The boyband, who were formed on the X Factor, have an average age of just 19 and a half and are all aged between 19 and 21.

Who was the target audience for One Direction?

adolescent girls
One Direction’s target demographic throughout its career has been adolescent girls, a demographic segment that society does not take seriously in most regards.

Did 1d have groupies?

Apparently not. With One Direction“s busy tour and promotion schedule, the boys tell GQ, they’ve got no time for groupies.

What percentage of 1D fans are female?

“We want to see more boy fans, as seeing them in the crowd is cool,” Niall Horan told Tumblr’s Storyboard blog. “It’s 90% girls, but we want to expand our fanbase. We want all people to like us.”

How has 1d impacted society?

In their own unique way, One Direction helped defy traits typically associated with toxic masculinity; they didn’t shy away from their affection for one another and made that known in interviews and concerts. Their friendship set them apart, made them more real, and through them, we made friendships of our own.

What drugs did Zayn do?

Sources close to the NY Post revealed that Zayn has reportedly been known to smoke marijuana to the point that he becomes “aggressive” and “paranoid.” In the past, the former One Direction singer has been open about his use of the drug that is legal in many states.

What does that moment by one direction smell like?

That Moment by One Direction is a Floral Fruity fragrance for women. That Moment was launched in 2014. Top notes are Green Apple and Pink Grapefruit; middle notes are Jasmine and Violet; base notes are Musk and Woody Notes.

How many directioners are there in the world?

Directioners are dedicated to the band’s five members: Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, Harry Styles, and people associated with them. If you happen to like these boys and enjoy their music, you are definitely classified as a fan.

Is Harry Styles in the new Pepsi commercial with Drew Brees?

This commercial between Drew Brees and One Direction was definitely swoon worthy. In the ad, Harry Styles goes back and forth with the Super Bowl champ for the last Pepsi. Styles’ One Direction bandmates help him try to prove that the group is more popular than the NFL star.

Do they still sing the Pepsi commercial song?

We haven’t heard much from Eisenberg since then, but she’s still known as “The Pepsi girl” nearly 20 years after its debut. The song was also much of what made this Pepsi commercial an unforgettable one as the tune is still sung today. This is another genius ad.

Who left John speechless in the Pepsi commercial?

In the ad, a group of “artists” performed for John in hopes of getting a Pepsi. He was not amused. That’s when Amaro came in and left him speechless.

What did Ricky Martin say in the Pepsi commercial?

The pairing of the Latino hottie Ricky Martin and the bombshell triple threat Janet Jackson was a genius idea from the people of Pepsi. She sang in the ad, “Feel you, hold you, so refreshing…” While she could have easily been talking about the heartthrob, Martin, she was clearly referring to Pepsi.