How long does it take for a child to recover from tonsil surgery?

How long does it take for a child to recover from tonsil surgery?

Your child may not feel like doing very much for up to 10 days after their surgery. Many children need two weeks home from school or kindergarten. The amount of usual activity your child participates in should be guided by how they feel. It usually takes three weeks before healing is complete.

What to expect after child has tonsils removed?

Your child may have bad breath, “stuffy nose” and drainage for 7 to 10 days after surgery. This is normal and will go away as he or she heals. Your child may have ear pain up to a week after surgery and it may be worse at night. This is normal and is coming from the tonsil area.

How long will a child’s throat hurt after a tonsillectomy?

Sore Throat. It is common for your child to have a temporary sore throat for about 2-3 weeks after getting tonsils and adenoids removed. The pain will be most severe for the first week after surgery and will usually be gone in 2-3 weeks.

How long should a child stay out of school after a tonsillectomy?

school / daycare for 5 to 10 days after surgery. He or she may return to physical activities when they return to school / daycare. your otolaryngologist right away if there is a constant drip of blood or bright red drainage. Your child’s tongue or palate may become swollen.

Can child brush teeth after tonsillectomy?

Looking after your mouth and throat You can brush your teeth after the first night. You may have bad smelling breath as you heal. Avoid mouthwash for 1 week.

When does pain stop after tonsillectomy?

Your child will have a very sore throat after this surgery. It is important to attempt to maintain pain control, but with the understanding that there still may be some pain, even with use of medications as recommended. Pain should be gone after 10-14 days from surgery.

How do you know if your child is bleeding after tonsillectomy?

Signs of primary hemorrhage right after a tonsillectomy include:

  1. bleeding from the mouth or nose.
  2. frequent swallowing.
  3. vomiting bright red or dark brown blood.

Can I give my child ibuprofen after tonsillectomy?

Give ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin) every 8 hours as needed. If ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin) is added, acetaminophen (Tylenol) every 5 hours must be continued. For children 6 years of age and older, prescription pain medication may be given as well.

How to tell if my child needs his tonsils removed?

The tonsils are very swollen,which is causing breathing problems

  • Antibiotics are not helping with the infection
  • Tonsillitis is affecting a child’s sleep
  • The child has had several cases of tonsillitis or strep throat in the past year
  • Does your child need tonsil surgery?

    Your child may not need to have his or her tonsils out. You may want to just wait and see if the tonsil problem gets better by itself. Children often grow out of the problem over a year or so. The doctor should explain to you why he or she feels that surgery is the best treatment.

    What to expect after tonsillectomy children?

    – Fever – Nausea – Rashes – Bad breath – Diarrhea – Difficulty breathing

    How long does it take to recover from a tonsillectomy?

    When the area is healed completely in about 3 to 4 weeks, the discoloration will be gone. You should plan on resting at home for at least a week after the tonsillectomy, and limit activity for 2 weeks. There is a risk of bleeding after a tonsillectomy. The risk decreases after 10 days.