How much is a Lamborghini LP640?

How much is a Lamborghini LP640?

About the Lamborghini Murcielago

Coupe Original MSRP/Price Transmission
Murcielago 2dr LP640-4 Coupe $354000 6-Speed Manual / 6-Speed Shiftable Automatic
Murcielago 2dr LP670-4 SuperVeloce $450000 6-Speed Manual / 6-Speed Shiftable Automatic

What does LP640 stand for?

The LP640 name goes back to the days of the legendary Countach, where LP stood for ‘Longitudinale Posteriore’, just like on the new Murciélago, only the digits now stand for the number of horsepower behind your ears instead of the engine displacement like on the Countach.

How many Murcielago LP640 were made?

Between 2007/2009 less than 10 LP640 Roadsters were produced and less than 30 Coupes were produced. Of those cars, less than 50% are still in collector quality, as many LP640 manual cars were the subject of massive accidents, theft and floods. So yes, our Lp640 Roadster could be called a unicorn. It’s 1 of 8.

What year is LP640?

Successor to the Diablo and flagship V12 of the automaker’s lineup, the Murciélago was introduced as a coupé in 2001. The car was first available in North America for the 2002 model year….

Lamborghini Murciélago
Lamborghini Murciélago LP640
Manufacturer Lamborghini
Production 2001–2010 (4,099 built)

How many Gallardos are there?

With current known production numbers, the Lamborghini Gallardo has the highest production numbers of any Lamborghini model. Lamborghini produced the Gallardo from 2003 to 2013 making over 14,000 Gallardo vehicles in all, and many of them were of different models.

How many Aventadors have been made?

It is limited to 600 units (350 for the Coupé, 250 for the Roadster). It has all the standard features of the Aventador S and SVJ.

How many superleggera are made?

Production is limited to 25 units.

Are gallardos still made?

On 25 November 2015, the last Gallardo was rolled off the production line. The Gallardo was replaced by the Huracán in 2014.

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