What is the spectrum of aspirin synthesized using IR and NMR?

What is the spectrum of aspirin synthesized using IR and NMR?

The spectrum attained from NMR spectroscopy of synthesized aspirin is below: Figure 2.1 The NMR spectrum of synthesized aspirin displays a peak 2.4 PPM and a range of peaks from 7 PPM to 8.3 PPM The spectrum attained from IR spectroscopy is below:

What is the NMR spectrum of acetic acid?

This gas was acetic acid; an end product in the aspirin synthesis reaction, thus the NMR spectrum of acetic acid was analyzed. It is known from the NMR spectrum of acetone, which is a reference compound with only one type of hydrogen (that belonging to CH 3 ), that the peak at 2 PPM in the acetic acid spectrum pertains to CH 3 (table 2.3).

What type of spectroscopy is aspirin used for?

The synthesized aspirin was also used in two different types of spectroscopy: NMR and IR. NMR was the first to be tested: a glass NMR tube was filled with the aspirin sample to a height of approximately 0. 5 cm and 0. 6 mL of CDCl 3 was added in order to avoid large protein peaks.

How do we evaluate the antioxidant activity of chitosan?

Moreover, the antioxidant activity of the chitosan was evaluated by free radical scavenging ability (against DPPH-radical, hydroxyl-radical, and superoxide-radical) and ferric reducing power. Our results suggested that the antioxidant abilities were in the order of DQCS > QCS > CS, which was consistent with the number of quaternized groups.

What is the molecular weight of terephthalaldehyde?

Terephthalaldehyde PubChem CID 12173 Molecular Formula C8H6O2 Synonyms TEREPHTHALALDEHYDE 623-27-8 Molecular Weight 134.13 Date s Modify 2021-07-10 Create 2005-03-26

What is the peak of aspirin synthesis reaction?

Looking again at the starting materials of the aspirin synthesis reaction, acetic acid and salicylic acid, each compound has one peak in the 1650 to 1850 cm -1 range on their IR spectra. Acetic acid has a peak at 1704.69 cm -1 and salicylic acid has a peak at 1652.36 cm -1.

What is the molecular formula of aspirin?

Aspirin PubChem CID 2244 Structure Find Similar Structures Chemical Safety Laboratory Chemical Safety Summary (LCSS Molecular Formula C9H8O4 or CH3COOC6H4COOH or HC9H7O4 Synonyms aspirin ACETYLSALICYLIC ACID 50-78-2

What are the starting materials in aspirin synthesis reactions?

First, based on the NMR spectra of the starting materials in the aspirin synthesis reactions, it is conclusive that there are no starting materials present in the final product, and that the peaks on the NMR spectrum of synthesized aspirin show the hydrogen atoms in CH 3 and aromatic hydrocarbon in the final structure.