Who is Arakyo?

Who is Arakyo?

The Arakyo is a traditional reenactment of Queen Helena and King Constantine`s search for the cross where Christ was crucified garbed in colorful costumes, prince and princess sing, dance and dramatize this centuries old tradition which features sword fights between the Christian and the Moors.

What is Araquio?

The araquio is a Tagalog komedya on the search of the Holy Cross, the patron saint of barangay Sto. Tomas, Peñaranda, Nueva Ecija. As devotional theater, the araquio is both a dramatic presentation as well as a vow on the part of the devotees.

Who are the main characters found in an Araquio?

Normally, there are 16 performers in each Araquio group, nine of them are Christians led by the Reyna (Queen) Elena and Haring (King) Constantine. The Reyna Elena has two loyal servants in the person of Laida and Blanca. The rest are their soldiers with the names of Alberto, Arsenio, Rosauro, Fernando and Leonato.

Who is the artist of Moro-Moro?

Moro-Moro by Yrda Veanssa Fernandez.

What is Tibag or Arakyo?

Tibag or arakya is a popular secular komedya which is featured during the annual Santacruzan. The story evolves on the search for the Holy Cross by Queen Elena and her son, Emoperor Constantino. The Religious Komedya is also called Komedya de Santo centers on the life of Christ or of any saint.

What is meaning of Moro Moro?

The term moro-moro refers to a type of folk drama performed in villages throughout the Philippines, usually during fiestas. Although each village’s moro-moro is a little different in terms of treatment, all are full of romance and melodrama, and the highpoint is always a battle between Muslims and Christians.

What is Linambay?

linambay was an elaborate costume play that by the nineteenth centuiy. had become the dominant theater form in the población of Carear, Cebú.2. As described by Mojares (1991: 45), it engaged as many as one hundred. in the cast in a serial performance lasting from five to ten nights or a total.

What is the meaning of Moro-Moro?

What is secular Komedya?

Moro-Moro is a type of Secular Komedya which portrays the clash between the Muslims and the Christians where the forbidden romance between the prince and the princess is settled by having the non-Christian be converted to christianity or by his or her death followed by a resurrection through divine intervention.

How many tribes are in Moro?

They are sometimes spoken of according to the province of their residence, as Cotabato Moros, Lanao Moros, etc., but to do so is not accurate. There are four main tribes, each with distinctive characteristics.