Are any of the original Irish Rovers still alive?

Are any of the original Irish Rovers still alive?

The release of The Irish Rovers, 50 Years compilation album supported their Farewell To Rovin’ Tour which will take a few years to complete. In 2018, Wilcil McDowell retired from touring and keyboardist Morris Crum replaced him, leaving George Millar as the only remaining current member tied to the 1960s lineup.

Who first sang the Irish Rover?

The song describes a gigantic ship with “twenty-three masts” (versions by The Dubliners and The Pogues claim twenty-seven), a colourful crew and varied types of cargo in enormous amounts….Charts.

Chart (1987) Peak position
Ireland (IRMA) 1
UK Singles (OCC) 8
New Zealand (Recorded Music NZ) 25

Where are the Irish Rovers now?

The Irish Rovers continue to tour the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. Will Millar left the group in 1994, Jimmy Ferguson passed away while on tour in 1997, and in 2005 Joe Millar retired to the golf course, while his son, Ian took up the family ranks.

What happened to Irish Rovers?

Who Sang could have been the whiskey?

The Irish RoversWasn’t That a Party / Artist

Who wrote the Irish Rover song?

Joseph CroftsThe Irish Rover / Composer

When did wasnt that a party come out?

1986Wasn’t That a Party / Released

Who covered wasn’t a party?


Title Performer Release date
Wasn’t That a Party? Tom Paxton April 10, 1973
Wasn’t That a Party The Rovers 1980
Wasn’t That a Party Dennis Gilley and The Milestone Band 2000
Wasn’t That a Party Lee Forster & Stuie French 2012

What year did the Irish Rovers record wasn’t that a party?

The Rovers is a 1980 album by the music group The Irish Rovers. It was their first album after they rebranded themselves as The Rovers, dropping “Irish” from the group name, and includes their crossover country hit “Wasn’t That a Party”….Chart performance.

Chart (1980) Peak position
Canadian RPM Top Albums 26

When did the Irish Rovers start making music?

The Irish Rovers formed their own record company in 1993, which finally gave them full control over their music production. Since then, several of their albums have been recorded in both Canada and Ireland.

Where are the Irish Rovers from?

The Rovers hail from Ireland, and the band formed in Toronto, Canada in 1964. With over 40 albums in N… Official Channel for legendary band, The Irish Rovers. The Rovers hail from Ireland, and the band formed in Toronto, Canada in 1964.

Did the Irish Rovers ever record a Christmas song?

Although most of their music focuses on the band’s Irish roots, in the early 1980s The Irish Rovers recorded an unknown novelty Christmas song written by Randy Brooks. Record producer Jack Richardson produced The Rovers’ album, It Was A Night Like This.

Who was the inspiration for the Irish Rovers party anthem?

The Irish Rovers themselves, were the inspiration for one of the world’s best-known party anthems. The boys in the band have lived large. The Irish Rovers, one of the most successful and enduring of all Irish folk bands.