How long do Weil-McLain oil boilers last?

How long do Weil-McLain oil boilers last?

15 years
With proper maintenance, they are expected to last at least 15 years or longer. Weil-McLain boilers come with a 10 year non-prorated heat exchanger warranty for commercial boilers, 12 year non-prorated heat exchanger warranty for residential boilers and two year parts warranty for both categories.

How do you maintain a Weil-McLain boiler?

Book an annual boiler service appointment

  1. Clean and inspect the heat exchanger for wear and tear.
  2. Check and clean burner assembly.
  3. Test low-water cutoff.
  4. Ensure all electrical wiring is intact and joint/pipe connections are secure.
  5. Test water pH levels to make sure they are in a safe range.

How do you adjust the temperature on a Weil-McLain Ultra?

Push the setting dial to enter the Temperature Setting mode. When pressed, the display will show ‘OFF’ or the current temperature setting. Turn the dial to select the desired water temperature to be maintained in the water heater.

What is the highest efficiency boiler?

condensing boilers
Non-condensing boilers are 80 percent to 88 percent efficient, while condensing boilers have efficiencies greater than 88 percent. Boilers are either sealed-combustion or non-sealed combustion units.

What temperature should I set my Weil Mclain boiler?

What are the proper temperature settings for my boiler? The average setting for the aquastat (the temperature control device on a boiler) for a forced hot water system is 180°F. It can be raised as high as 210°F if needed in severe weather.

What temperature should a residential boiler be set at?

Recommended Temperature Settings Typical low-temperature settings should be within the range of 120-160 degrees Fahrenheit and high-temperature settings should be within the 180-200 degree Fahrenheit range. If you need the temperature to be warm, try to stay around 200 degrees at the highest.

Do boilers need to be serviced every year?

Always Service Annually First and foremost, you should make sure that your boiler is serviced every year. An annual service is regular enough to keep your boiler in good working condition and limit wear over time.

How do I get a warranty on a Weil-McLain product?

Contractors should call the Warranty Call Center at 1-800-654-2109, option 3, provide warranty claim information, and in most cases will receive a warranty disposition over the phone. Upon warranty approval, contractors will go directly to their local Weil-McLain Distributor, to obtain a replacement unit/part or receive a credit.

Are there any recalls on Weil-McLain boilers?

Weil-McLain toll-free at (888) 770-7139 from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. CT Monday through Friday or online at and click on “Product Safety Recalls” for more information. This recall involves Weil-McLain Ultra models 80, 105, 155 and 230 MBH gas-fired boilers used for space heating.

Where do I find the serial number on a Weil McLain boiler?

The boilers have a serial number range between CP 6557046 and CP 6955985. Model and serial numbers are located on a bar-coded label affixed to the lower right side of the boiler, behind the removable front panel. The boilers have a Weil-McLain logo plate affixed to the front, a pewter/flat black cover and are either freestanding or wall-mounted.

What if a contractor does not know of a Weil-McLain distributor?

If a contractor does not know of a Weil-McLain Distributor, the Warranty Specialist will recommend one in their area. This procedure will not apply to Cornerstone Claims. Cornerstone claims should still be directed to Cornerstone at 1-800-824-5090.