Is B&H a good company to work for?

Is B&H a good company to work for?

B&H is a great place to work. You can expect a high level of job security and comfort. There is a lot of time off during the Jewish Holidays, but if you are hourly, you are not paid for this time. You will not see a tremendous amount of space to grow – it is very limited in where you can move to.

How many people work at B&H?

1,500 employees
Based in New York, NY, B&H Photo is a key player in the retail industry with 1,500 employees and an annual revenue of $20.0M. By offering free workshops and lectures in photography, video and pro audio, it is our mission to help those in this community achieve their goals.

Is Bhphotovideo in Canada?

B&H Offers free shipping to Canada via ground service.

Is B&H Australian?

B&H Australia is a leading Audio Visual Integration company servicing the Education, Medical, Corporate and Government sectors. B&H has extensive experience as a provider and installer of Audio Visual equipment.

Is B&H reliable Australia?

Excellent, reliable high quality products and services B&H have an excellent range of high quality products. Even with supply chain problems around the globe, their delivery is fast and reliable. Their communication on out-of-stock items is timely and accurate.

Who is the owner of B&H?

Herman Schreiber
B&H Photo & Electronics is owned by Herman Schreiber, a Hasidic Jew of the Satmar sect, and employs hundreds of Orthodox Jews in the company.

What are B&H in UK?

Brighton & Hove (city; UK) B&H.

Is adorama owned by B and H?

Adorama is owned by the same people that own B&H: Nikon FX SLR (DF, D1-D5, D600-D850) Talk Forum: Digital Photography Review.

Why work at B&H?

B&H offers competitive salaries, medical benefits, a 401K plan, employee discounts, and equally important, an opportunity to advance within a high-energy company that continues to grow by leaps and bounds. B&H takes pride in being named one of “America’s Best Employers By State 2020” by Forbes magazine.

Does B&H let you take bereavement time?

B&H will not let you take any bereavement time if a close relative dies – only if they’re a parent, child, spouse or sibling. At B&H you are property, not a person. Unless you are the same background as the owners, have a beard and wear a hat, you are treated as a non-entity.

Does B&H hire people based on race or ethnicity?

Yes. B&H is committed to hiring and promoting without regard to religion, race, sex, national origin or ethnicity, age, disability, sexual orientation and/or any other protected status—so much so, that we are licensed participants in the US government’s E-Verify program.