What is a BrainSurge?

What is a BrainSurge?

Brain surges – the feeling that the brain experienced a surge of energy or fluid can be a symptom of anxiety disorder, including generalized anxiety disorder, social anxiety disorder, and especially panic disorder (and others).

Why was BrainSurge Cancelled?

Cancellation. The reason why BrainSurge was cancelled is because of Figure it Out’s revival on June 11, 2012. Sutphen decided to leave BrainSurge and do Figure it Out instead. The show was cancelled in 2011 and did reruns until June 2012.

Where was BrainSurge filmed?

Hollywood Center Studios
BrainSurge was taped at Hollywood Center Studios in Hollywood, California. The series was adapted for Latin American and Brazilian audiences as Veloz Mente, which premiered on Discovery Kids on November 7, 2011.

When did BrainSurge end?

May 9, 2014BrainSurge / Final episode date

What does anxiety brain feel like?

Symptoms of anxiety brain fog include: difficulty concentrating and focusing. unclear thoughts. short-term memory problems.

What causes surges of anxiety?

A sudden onset of anxiety can be triggered by a plethora of things—from a major event, like a death in the family, to everyday stressors, such as work or budget worries—but sometimes it can be caused by seemingly nothing at all—or even issues you’re not consciously aware of.

Who hosted BrainSurge?


Title Year Role
BrainSurge 2009–11 Host
101 Ways to Leave a Game Show 2011 Host
Family BrainSurge 2011 Host
Figure It Out 2012–13 Host

How old is Jeff Sutphen?

44 years (October 15, 1977)Jeff Sutphen / Age

Who was Pickboy Nickelodeon?

Jeffrey “Jeff” Sutphen (born c. 1977) is an American actor, producer, and game show host who works with Nickelodeon. After graduating from Marist College, Sutphen began his career in entertainment working for MTV. From 2002 to 2005, he appeared on U-Pick Live as Pick Boy, a superhero character.