Does OtterBox make cases for Motorola phones?

Does OtterBox make cases for Motorola phones?

Motorola DROID Phone Cases & Covers | OtterBox.

Does OtterBox make a case for Moto G7?

OtterBox Commuter Lite Series Case for Moto G7 Power.

What is the OtterBox warranty?

OtterBox includes a 30-day warranty. It is a pretty good lifetime warranty, almost positive.

Is the Moto G7 power worth buying?

The Moto G7 Power is a big and bulky phone with a low-res display, but also the best battery life we’ve ever seen on a phone and that alone is a remarkable achievement. Its performance is zippy, the camera is decent (but not great) and the price is good.

What is the Moto G7 Supra?

The Motorola Moto G7 Supra is a good Android phone with 1.8GHz Octa-Core processor that allows run games and heavy applications. With one SIM card slot, the Motorola Moto G7 Supra allows download up to 300 Mbps for internet browsing, but it also depends on the carrier.

How can I get a free Otterbox?

Gems You Can’t Live Without: a free otter box case and how to get one!

  1. Head over to
  2. Go to the “support” tab.
  3. Click on warranty.
  4. Follow their steps to pick out your case.
  5. Check out with your free phone case and only pay $6.99 for shipping.

How old is a Motorola G7 Power?

It is the seventh generation of the Moto G family and was first released on 7 February 2019. As with the last generations which introduced the Plus and Play variants, this series has introduced the Power variant as well.

What is difference between moto G7 and Moto G7 Power?

The G7 comes with 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage as standard, and the G7 Power has a more modest 3GB/32GB configuration. That said, the G7 Power costs considerably less. Both devices sport 6.2-inch IPS panels, but the G7 has an FHD+ display (2270 x 1080), while the G7 Power has a 720p screen.

How much does the moto G7 supra cost?

The Moto G7 Supra has astonished us in countless ways. Selling at a retail price of $119.99, it comes at a bit more expensive.