How many square feet will a 5 ton unit heat and cool?

How many square feet will a 5 ton unit heat and cool?

How many square feet does a 1 – 5 ton air conditioner cool?

AC Unit Capacity (Ton) Cooling Capacity Square Feet
3 Ton 1,400 – 1,600 sq ft
3.5 Ton 1,650 – 1,800 sq ft
4 Ton 1,850 – 2,100 sq ft
5 Ton 2,400 – 3,000 sq ft

Is a SEER of 20 good?

If an air conditioner has a 20+ SEER rating, that is considered an excellent energy-efficient unit.

What does 20 SEER mean on a heat pump?

Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio
SEER stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio. The higher the SEER rating the more efficient the unit will run, thus leading to lower energy bills. If you compare a 10 SEER AC unit to a 20 SEER AC system, the 20 SEER system will provide twice the efficiency.

What size AC do you need for a 3000 square foot house?

Since larger homes are costlier to cool, you’ll need a 5-ton unit to cool a 3,000 square-foot home.

Does SEER rating apply to heating?

SEER stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio and applies only to cooling. (It’s not a great measure of efficiency, but that’s the topic of another article.) HSPF stands for Heating Season Performance Factor and is basically the SEER rating for winter.

How many SEER heat pump do I need?

High cooling efficiency heat pumps: Generally speaking, models rated at 18 SEER and above should be considered highly efficient heat pumps. Some of the highest efficiency air-source heat pumps are rated at up to 20.5 SEER.

How many square feet will a 5 ton unit cool?

A 5 ton unit will typically cool between 1500 square feet and 1800 square feet. See our free system sizing calculator if you need help. The broad range for sizing is 500-600 square feet of living space per ton of cooling.

What is a Goodman 20+ SEER system?

This Goodman 20+ SEER system takes energy efficiency to a grand scale and is among the most energy efficient and earth-friendly central air conditioner systems ever made. Depending on the age and efficiency level of your current system, you could save hundreds or thousands of dollars each year with a system that is this energy efficient.

What is the highest SEER rating for a heat pump?

This system features extreme energy efficiency (SEER ratings) up to 23, which is among the very highest levels of efficiency available today. It uses electric heat which is most suited for climates where there is very low heat demand. If you live in a moderately cold or cold climate you may want to check out a high seer heat pump instead.

What are the dimensions of a 1/2 ton HVAC system?

1 1/2 ton through 5 ton models are between 42 1/2 to 57 inches [1080 to 1448 mm] tall and 22 inches [559 mm] deep. All models meet or exceed 330 to 400 CFM [156 to 189 L/s] per ton at .3 inches [.7 kPa] of external static pressure. Enhanced airflow up to .7″ external static pressure. Suitable for application in mobile homes.