Whats Jay from Geordie Shore doing now?

Whats Jay from Geordie Shore doing now?

Jay Gardner – Tanning expert Gaz’s best friend Jay appeared in the first three series of Geordie Shore and was romantically involved with Vicky. As well as their relationship, he was very well-known for his orange glow – so much so that he now owns fake tan line Jay’s Tan.

Did Chloe sleep with Kyle in Geordie Shore?

It all kicked off in tonight’s series 13 premiere when Holly Hagan heard rumours that her ex Kyle had slept with Chloe Ferry – something that both of them deny. But Kyle hadn’t even joined the group yet when the rumours started flying around and told Digital Spy that he found out about it all in the press.

Who is Chloe with out of Geordie Shore?

The 26-year-old former Geordie Shore star is dating Johnny Wilbo, 25, after recently splitting from Hollyoaks star Owen Warner. Despite only being together for a few months, broody Chloe has made no secret of her desire to become a mother.

Why did Sophie break up with Jay?

“Jay ended things with Sophie a few weeks ago,” they told The Sun. “It just wasn’t working out between them and he wasn’t happy in the relationship anymore. Sophie tried to change things between them but he was adamant they should end it.

Are Marnie and Aaron still together?

Aaron Chalmers The pair had a very rocky relationship, splitting up and reconciling up until Aaron told the reality star he loved her in 2016. However, those happy times soon ended after Marnie proclaimed she was single upon entering Celebrity Big Brother and hooked up with Lewis Bloor.

Is Chloe still with Marty?

Geordie Shore’s Chloe Ferry is left shocked in tomorrow night’s episode as her ex-boyfriend Marty McKenna returns to the show. The 26-year-old reality star gets emotional as she chats to her good pal Nathan Brown when Marty rocks up to a Halloween party after three years of not seeing his former girlfriend.

Does CHLOE Ferry have mental illness?

Chloe Ferry has revealed that she had ‘bad depression’ for over two years due to the pressures of living life in the public eye.

Who is Jay BIGZ dating?

And Geordie Shore’s Sophie Kasaei enjoyed a romantic dinner with her love Jay at Rosso Restaurant, in Manchester on Sunday. The reality star, 29, put on a busty display as she showed off her sports bra through her sheer dazzling top when she dressed for a date with her dapper beau.

Are Sophie and Ashley still dating?

A source told The Sun, “Sophie is heartbroken after splitting from Ash. “They had been really loved up, but things took a turn after a furious row about Sophie’s work schedule. “The final straw was when Sophie failed to turn up to a date in Essex. Ash was fuming and decided to call it a day.”