Can an EOD suit stop a bullet?

Can an EOD suit stop a bullet?

Parts of the bomb suit overlap for maximum protection. The suit protects in several different ways. It deflects or stops projectiles that may come from an exploded device. It also stops or greatly decreases the pressure of the blast wave being transmitted to the person inside of the suit.

How much does a bomb proof suit cost?

Hodges said First Defense sells the suits to the U.S. government, as well as the United Nations, with prices ranging from $9,000 to $20,000.

Do USAF EOD see combat?

EOD technicians are likely to see combat. As enabler forces, EOD technicians embed with other units to provide EOD support and fill other roles as required by the mission. EOD technicians are not special forces operators, but do deploy with and support the SOF mission.

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What is an EOD suit or blast suit?

An EOD Suit, also known as a Blast Suit or Bomb suit is protective suit engineered to protect the user from the pressure generated by an explosive device, as well as any fragments generated from the bomb.

Why choose the NP Aerospace 4030 EOD suit?

And with the 4030 you can swap out jackets, trousers and helmets for that perfect fit. NP Aerospace entered the EOD market in 2004 with a bomb disposal suit designed for British Forces in Northern Ireland.

What is the EOD 10E?

The EOD 10, now being offered in the EOD 10E model revision, is trusted in nearly 50 countries worldwide. This sophisticated Bomb Suit offers an optimal balance between protection, weight, fit and capabilities:

Where can I buy an NP Aerospace bomb suit?

The NP Aerospace is available from EOD Gear and can be evaluated by appointment only in Franklin, Tennessee or Huntsville, Alabama. Click Here to see how the NP Aerospace Bomb Suit can make your next long walk more comfortable. How much do Bomb Suits weigh?