Can tetra fish live with guppies?

Can tetra fish live with guppies?

YES! Guppies and neon tetras make excellent tank mates when the conditions are right.

How big do blood fin tetras get?

The bloodfin is a relatively large tetra, growing to 5.5 cm. Its notable feature (as the name suggest) is the blood-red colouration of the tail, dorsal, anal and adipose fin, while the body is silver in color. Bloodfin tetras are extremely hardy, making them popular with novice fish keepers.

How many guppies and tetras can you have in a 10 gallon tank?

Therefore, in a 10-gallon tank, you could have 2 Guppies and 3 Neon Tetras (4 Neon Tetras if you want to push it). Or, you could have 3 Guppies (which will take up 6 gallons), and in the 4 remaining gallons, you could have 2 or maybe 3 Neon Tetras.

What fish can live with neon tetras and guppies?

Corydoras catfish, cories for short, are another great match for tetras and guppies. Cory catfish come from the Amazon drainage, where most tetras come from. They are bottom-dwelling (helping to balance a tank with tetras), but they also school and act more sociable than most tetras.

Can you put Glofish tetras with guppies?

Black Skirt Tetras Glofish – Tetras grow up to 3 inches max, are omnivorous, peaceful, and work well in community tanks. They will get along with any other peaceful fish species, guppies included. If you want a type of Glofish for your guppy tank, this is pretty much the only species you should get.

Can you mix mollies and guppies?

Yes, guppies and mollies can live together, and they actually work well together. However, if the right requirements aren’t met, then some aggression may occur (from the mollies.) And there is always a slight risk that mollies will nip fish that have long fins such as guppies.

Can Red fin tetras live with guppies?

Bloodfin Tetras have been known to nip at the fins of some other fish as well. They’re attracted to the flowing fins of Guppies and Angelfish, so you might not want to keep those types of fish in the same tank.

What are the smallest tetras?

Pristella tetras are also very peaceful when being kept in a small school of, say, 6….10. Pristella Tetra – Pristella maxillaris.

Maximum Size: 1.9 inches (4.8 cm) but most adults will remain at around 1.7 inches (4.3 cm)
Suggested pH range: 6.2 to 7.5

How many guppies can I put in a 12 gallon tank?

How Do You Calculate How Many Guppies You Can Keep in a 10 Gallon Tank? The general rule of thumb is one gallon per one inch of fish. Therefore, in a 10-gallon fish tank, you can add 10 inches worth of guppies.

Can you mix and match tetras?

Generally, tetras will only school with members of their own species. They do this because they are best adapted to working with their own species to form a school. In a large group, it’s easier to confuse predators if everyone looks the same. However, there are a few situations where different species school together.

Are GloFish tetras aggressive?

GloFish tend toward aggressive behavior. The potential is there. The level of aggression and the reason for it depends on what type of GloFish you have. Some types prefer to be part of a large group of fish, while others display more aggression in groups of five or more.

Can guppies live with Danios?

Do Guppies and Zebra Danios Get Along? Yes, they do if you consider their friendly, peaceful, and acceptant demeanor. Both guppies and zebra danios measure about the same, around 2.5 inches in length, and will share the same swimming space. Guppies prefer the mid-to-top tank area, while the danios are top swimmers.

Can you mix and match guppies?

Can You Keep Different Types of Guppies Together? Yes. I actually recommend this option if you want a more diverse tank. There are nearly 300 species of guppies available with a variety of subspecies and presenting incredible color and pattern variations.

Can Bloodfin tetras live with guppies?

Bloodfin Tetra can also exhibit fin nipping when kept with fish with flowing fins such as Bettas and Guppies. These should never be kept with Bloodfin Tetras, even if they are compatible in other aspects such as behavior.

How to take care of a bloodfin tetra?

To maintain Bloodfin Tetra good behaviors, provide ample swimming space, good water conditions, proper diet, and most importantly, keep them with peaceful and similar sized tank mates. – Are Bloodfin Tetras Fin Nippers?

Are Bloodfin tetras fin nippers?

To maintain Bloodfin Tetra good behaviors, provide ample swimming space, good water conditions, proper diet, and most importantly, keep them with peaceful and similar sized tank mates. – Are Bloodfin Tetras Fin Nippers? Bloodfin Tetras can be fin nippers if there’re certain supporting conditions.

How many Bloodfin tetras in a 10 gallon tank?

A 10 gallons tank can only accommodate 3 to 4 Bloodfin Tetras, which is below the recommended minimum number of a single group which is 5. Although keeping 3 to 4 fish in a single tank won’t affect their wellbeing significantly, the fish are less likely to clock their full potential.