Can you eat the ume in Choya?

Can you eat the ume in Choya?

5. The Plums Floating in Umeshu Can be Eaten, Too! Although fresh ume plums are fairly bitter and unpleasant to eat plain, once they have been soaking in alcohol and sugar for 6 months to a year, they become quite soft and delicious to eat, infused with sweet alchol.

How do you drink ume fruit liqueur?

The most common way to drink umeshu is on the rocks. The ice may be larger rocks or crushed, for an even more refreshing version. Many commercial brands of umeshu contain a liqueur-steeped ume plum that can be added to your drink and nibbled on for a heady treat.

Which Choya is best?

A Choya for all occasions While Choya Umeshu is the most popular, you can also go for Choya Yuzu, Extra Shiso, or the Gold Edition. Each comes with a unique flavour profile. For instance, Choya Yuzu is imbued with the citrus fruit, yuzu, giving it a tangy, zesty flavour.

What kind of alcohol is Choya?

CHOYA UMESHU CO., LTD. Umeshu is a traditional Japanese liqueur made from ume fruit. Its taste is sweet and tart with notes of almond.

What do you do with Choya ume?

Basic ways to drink

  1. Straight. Simply chill and pour into a cold glass. Enjoy the pure taste of Umeshu made from 100% Japanese ume.
  2. On-the-rocks. Just pour over ice. A very popular way to drink Umeshu.
  3. Hot CHOYA. Mix Umeshu with hot water to warm yourself up in winter.

How is Choya served?

This sparkling UMESHU is refreshing drink. This is the most traditional way to enjoy CHOYA UMESHU. Mix the CHOYA23 and soda in a champagne glass (flute). Serve over crushed ice and UME fruit.

Is Choya Umeshu good?

Choya Umeshu with fruit It is said to be one of the best fruit wines in the world. Due to its sweet flavor, well-balanced acidity, and faint fragrance, it entices even teetotalers. This liqueur also works as one of the best cocktail bases.

Is ume a plum?

Although they are often referred to as plum, ume is actually an apricot, with a botanical name as Prunus mume.

How do you drink Choya plum wine?

What does ume mean in Japanese?

The kanji for Ume is made up of the tree radical and 毎, which means “every”. 毎 is a hieroglyph that represents mothers, who take care of many children in a clan society. The Ume produces fruit on all of its branches, so people started to think of the Ume as a tree that brings good luck.

When can I buy ume?

Green ume plums are available around early to mid-May. In Japan, you can spot them in almost all markets. If you live in the United States, you can find ume plums in both Japanese and Korean grocery stores.

Should Choya be chilled?

Traditionally served warm in the cold winter or chilled in the warmer months, Choya Sake offers the true taste of Japan. Whether you drink it alone or alongside traditional Japanese food, this is definitely one drink to savour.

How strong is Choya?

Umeshu is a liqueur made with plums. It has been consumed over 1,000 years in Japan. Umeshu is made by soaking unripe ume plums in sugar and shochu (Japanese clear distilled spirit) which has an alcohol content of about 35%.

Is Choya alcoholic?

CHOYA is known for producing the finest Umeshu(ume liqueur) in the world. Please enjoy the true and authentic taste of modern Japan. Beautifully balanced sweet & tart taste of the ume fruit with notes of almond from the ume pit. Alcohol: 15% alc./vol.

What flavor is ume?

Ume are chemically and gastronomically unique, similar to apricots in fragrance, oranges in color, and berries in acidity. Once you taste them, you’ll agree that there’s nothing quite like ume. Nanko-ume is the premier variety of ume, featuring a rich, apricot-like aroma and tart fruity flavor.

What is the alcohol content of Choya Umeshu?

Copyright © CHOYA UMESHU CO., LTD. All rights reserved. The CHOYA Single Year Volume :720ml (USA: 720ml; EU:700ml) Alcohol :15% alc./vol. Ingredients :Japanese ume fruit, sugar, cane spirit Category :fruit liqueur (Umeshu)

How to drink Choya Sunrise?

Pour the CHOYA, vodka, and lime juice into a cocktail shaker, and fill with ice cubes Shake well then strain into a martini glass. CHOYA Sunrise Ingredients: · 30ml CHOYA Shiso

What to drink with Umeshu?

A very popular way to drink Umeshu. Hot CHOYA Mix Umeshu with hot water to warm yourself up in winter. Cocktail recipes CHOYA Sparkling Ingredients: · 1 part CHOYA · 2 parts soda Mix the CHOYA and soda in a highball glass. Serve over crushed ice if desired. CHOYA Mojito Ingredients: · 45ml CHOYA · 2 tsp brown sugar · 8 mint leaves · 2 lime wedges

What are the different types of Choya products?

CHOYA Classic (with fruit) CHOYA Shiso (with fruit) CHOYA Honey (with fruit) The CHOYA Extra Years (with fruit) The CHOYA Extra Shiso (with fruit) The CHOYA Royal Honey (with fruit) The CHOYA Extra Series Miniature set CHOYA Gold Edition CHOYA 23 CHOYA Exellent CHOYA Kokuto CHOYA Ujicha Umeshu CHOYA Sarari paper pack CHOYA Sparkling Umeshu CHOYA