Is the NHL losing viewers?

Is the NHL losing viewers?

Despite a slight bump on NBC, NHL viewership hit a multi-year low in the regular season. NHL regular season games averaged 417,000 viewers across NBC, NBCSN and NBC’s digital platforms, down 12% from last year (474K). As noted by Sports Business Daily, it was the lowest average since at least 2010-11.

How are the ratings for the NHL playoffs?

Ratings for the six-game series between the New York Rangers and Tampa Bay Lightning were up by 82 per cent from last year’s Covid-impacted conference finals and up 32 per cent from that stage in 2019 – the last season not to be impacted by the pandemic.

Is hockey growing in popularity?

Hockey has been around for some time now thanks to the Canadians. Each year, this sport grows in popularity all over the U.S. As popularity continues to grow, there’s more interest from both those who want to play hockey and those who want to watch it.

How are the ratings for Nascar?

Circuit of the Americas TV ratings The NASCAR Cup Series race at Circuit of the Americas was up 57.2% compared to last year’s event at 2.373 million average viewers. The 2022 event was held on FOX while the 2021 race was impacted by weather and aired on FS1.

How many people watch hockey in USA?

Viewership for nationally televised NHL games in the first year under the new deals was up around 18% compared to the league’s final season with NBC Sports in 2020-21. The average of 460,000 viewers per game across ABC, ESPN and TNT was the league’s highest mark since 2016-17, when NBC and NBCSN averaged 474,000.

Is hockey getting more popular in USA?

Ice hockey is a worldwide sport that is particularly popular in the United States and Canada thanks to the prominence of the National Hockey League (NHL). According to a survey conducted in December 2021, around 12 percent of all respondents were avid fans of the NHL in the United States.

Is NASCAR on the decline?

Every year, NASCAR acts as the patron of 1,500 races across North America. Once called “the fastest growing sport in the United States,” NASCAR is now declining in viewership and attendance, partly due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Has NASCAR Ratings gone down?

But, back to those television numbers. NASCAR viewership on television is down, but once you delve into the facts, its not as dire as some may have you believe. Admittedly, overnight ratings for every race this season have been down compared to last year.

Do people watch the NHL?

Fans are tuning into the NHL in record numbers — in French and English, in Canada and the United States, nationally and regionally, on television and online.

What happened to TV ratings for NASCAR?

Eight races down (Daytona 500/Auto Club/Martinsville/Talladega/Darlington/Kansas/All-Star Race/Coca-Cola 600) Let’s dive into the latest NASCAR TV ratings and viewership for the entire season. The NASCAR Cup Series race at the Coca-Cola 600 was down 4.7% compared to last year’s event at 4.061 million average viewers. Both events were held on FOX.

How many viewers did the NASCAR All-Star Race get this year?

The NASCAR All-Star Race at Texas Motor Speedway was down 9.3% compared to last year’s event at 2.735 million average viewers. Both events were held on FS1. The NASCAR Cup Series race at Kansas Speedway was down 14.7% compared to last year’s event at 2.739 million average viewers.

How has NASCAR’s TV viewership changed over the 2021 season?

Looking back over the 2021 season to date in NASCAR’s top tier Cup series 12 of the 32 races had ratings that were higher over last year and had more viewers; that included a six race stretch leading up to Talladega that saw a consecutive increase in viewership each week. Those numbers of course, don’t tell the entire story.

How does IndyCar compare to NASCAR’s viewership?

NASCAR has struggled with the 18-49 demographic and while IndyCar doesn’t have as many overall viewers, the percentage of those viewers being in that demographic is higher. Compared to NASCAR’s 18-49 demographic, IndyCar has an average of 24%, while they are at 20.1%.