What happened to Chico the boxer?

What happened to Chico the boxer?

Former two-weight world champion Diego ‘Chico’ Corrales has died overnight after a high-speed motorcycle accident in Las Vegas.

Is Diego Corrales still alive?

May 7, 2007Diego Corrales / Date of death

How old is Diego Corrales?

29 years (1977–2007)Diego Corrales / Age at death

How tall is Diego Corrales?

5′ 10″Diego Corrales / Height

What happened to Diego Chico Corrales?

LAS VEGAS — To his closest friends and boxing associates, Diego “Chico” Corrales’ death in a high-speed motorcycle crash came as no surprise. “I think anyone who knew him well knew he was a real thrill-seeker,” said Joe Goossen, Corrales’ estranged former trainer.

How old was Floyd when Diego Corrales fought?

ON THIS DAY in 2001, a 23-year-old Floyd Mayweather, campaigning as a super-featherweight, met tall gunslinger Diego Corrales. What followed was, some experts say, Mayweather’s finest performance.

What nationality is Diego Corrales?

AmericanDiego Corrales / Nationality

What the tallest person Floyd has fought?

However, while both men are 5’10.5, Floyd Mayweather’s actual tallest opponent happens to be a Canadian boxer named Tony Pep. Floyd Mayweather faced Tony Pep on June 14th, 1998, and defeated him to secure a unanimous decision and the 17th win of his legendary 50-fight win streak.

What happened to Chico Corrales?

LAS VEGAS — To his closest friends and boxing associates, Diego “Chico” Corrales’ death in a high-speed motorcycle crash came as no surprise.

Where is Arturo Gatti buried?

July 20, 2009Arturo Gatti / Date of burial

How old is Arturo Gatti?

37 years (1972–2009)Arturo Gatti / Age at death

How did Arturo Gatti commit suicide?

She was held in custody for nearly three weeks before an autopsy determined Gatti had committed suicide by hanging himself with his wife’s purse strap. Private investigators hired by Gatti’s friends, however, concluded in a 300-page report that Gatti was murdered.

What happened to Gattis wife?

Amanda Rodrigues Gatti was arrested in July, 2009, on suspicion of murder in her husband’s death. He was found dead in an apartment in Brazil while on vacation with his wife and young son. She was released after an investigation by Brazilian authorities deemed the former junior welterweight champ’s death a suicide.

How did Chico Corrales die?

Diego “Chico” Corrales, a world champion boxer, died on May 7 in a motorcycle crash. He was 29. Born in Columbia, S.C., and raised in Sacramento, Calif., Corrales was only 3 years old when he began visiting a boxing gym with his stepfather, Ray Woods.

What is Chico Corrales real name?

Diego ” Chico ” Corrales Jr. (August 25, 1977 – May 7, 2007) was an American professional boxer who competed from 1996 to 2007.

Where is Diego Corrales from?

Corrales was born in Columbia, South Carolina to a Colombian father, Diego Corrales Sr. and a Mexican mother.

Why was the fight between Raul Corrales and Oscar Castillo cancelled?

The fight was rescheduled for June 3, 2006. At the weigh-in, however, Corrales weighed the 135 lb (61 kg) lightweight limit whereas Castillo weighed 139½ lb—causing the fight to be cancelled. Corrales later sued Castillo for punitive damages.