What is a 0 10V dimming circuit?

What is a 0 10V dimming circuit?

0-10V dimming is a lighting control method that – on direct current voltage (DC) between 0 and 10 volts – can produce light at varying intensity levels. 0-10V dimming is the simplest control system for lighting, providing smooth operation and dimming down to 10%, 1%, and even 0.1% light level.

Can you daisy chain 0 10v dimmer?

You can daisy chain the 10v wiring. Some things to keep in mind: 10v controls are polarity sensitive.

Can I run high voltage and low voltage in the same conduit?

Per National Electric Code (NEC), Class 1 and Class 2 wiring are not permitted in the same enclosure, cable, or raceway. An exception to this rule is that Class 2 circuits can be reclassified if Class 1 requirements are met.

What is the voltage of a slide dimmer switch?

IllumaTech Slide Preset Electro-Mechanical 0-10V Slide Dimmer for use with LED or Fluorescent Ballasts and Power Supplies with LED locator light. Suitable for use with Class 1 or Class 2 wiring. 1200VA @ 120VAC, 1500VA @ 277VAC, 10A LED/Electronic Ballast 120/277VAC, 60Hz, 28mAmps maximum sinking current.

Does Leviton have a dimmer?

From the latest LED bulbs to more advanced 0-10V and fluorescent lighting, Leviton has a dimmer to meet any residential or commercial lighting need with the high performance and reliability you’ve come to expect from Leviton. Dimming is environmentally friendly. It helps reduce electricity use and extends bulb life, saving money as well.

Can 0-10V dimmers be used with LED fixtures?

The 0-10V dimmers can be used with LED fixtures using 0-10V dimmable power supply or drivers, Advanced Transformer Mark 7 ®, OSRAM Sylvania Quicktronic ® Helios™, or equivalent dimmable ballast as well as dimmable fluorescent ballasts. IMPORTANT: These dimmers should only be used with LED fixtures rated for 0-10V dimming.

What is the ip710-lfz 0-10V dimmer?

The IP710-LFZ dual voltage 0-10V dimmer controls the ballast directly which allows dimming of the lighting fixture without the need for a power pack. Works with the latest array of 0-10V LED fixtures.