What is husky plastic sheeting used for?

What is husky plastic sheeting used for?

Product Overview Some common applications for this product include using it as a vapor barrier for concrete or between drywall and insulation. They also can be used to cover a crawl space or under wood floors. Plastic sheeting is waterproof.

What is painters plastic used for?

It is made using high-density clear polyethylene for reliable protection and unobstructed visibility. Thanks to its excellent tape adhesion, this lightweight sheet can be used as a paint drape, overspray shield, or multi-purpose cover.

Are plastic painters waterproof?

Painter Plastic Drop Cloths Suitable for different household works. Keep furniture, floors, carpets sidewalks from paint damage rust water and dust. Plastic Drop Cloth is made of 100% new polyethylene, 100% Recyclable,Waterproof and dustproof plastic cover protects floors and furniture from paint spills, dirt and dust.

What is 10 mil poly used for?

This 10mil clear sheeting plastic roll is great for covering and protecting lumber, equipment, and any type of machinery. This 10 mil clear plastic sheeting is manufactured to withstand any type of use. It will stand up to rain, wind, cold, and heat, ensuring that you get excellent use out of it.

What MIL is painters plastic?

0.31 mil
This clear high-density poly sheeting is 0.31 mil thick, making it very lightweight and easy to use.

What is husky plastic sheeting made of?

6 mil polyethylene plastic
Poly-America Husky Clear Film measuring 20′ X 100′ is made of 6 mil polyethylene plastic. Film is commonly used as equipment cover, vapor barrier, insulation, paint protection, moisture barrier, as a drop cloth/spray barrier, as a vapor barrier and cover for curing concrete.

What is the heaviest mil plastic?

20 mil
Most construction and greenhouse plastic sheeting thicknesses start at 4 mil and go all the way up to 20 mil for the heaviest duty strength.