What is Max from Living Single doing now?

What is Max from Living Single doing now?

Erika Alexander (Maxine Shaw) After five years of playing Maxine on Living Single, Alexander continued to work on TV, appearing as a recurring character on Judging Amy and making guest appearances on House (2011), Grey’s Anatomy (2015), and Queen Sugar (2016).

Who did Regine marry on Living Single?

Kyle and Max both loathed and loved one another. Regine got her Prince Charming, the handsome entrepreneur Dexter Knight (Don Franklin).

Who played Mr Leon on Living Single?

Larry C. “Bumper” Robinson II is an American film, television and voice actor.

Bumper Robinson
Born Larry C. Robinson II
Occupation Actor
Years active 1983–present
Spouse(s) Katherine Penton

What episode does Max get pregnant Living Single?

“Living Single” Let’s Stay Together (TV Episode 1998) – IMDb.

Who is Erika Alexander married to?

Tony PuryearErika Alexander / Spouse (m. 1997–2017)

Does Kyle and Max get back together?

Kyle returned in the series finale, and the two reconciled. Overton and Synclaire also got together, and their relationship culminated in marriage by the end of the fourth season.

Who is Erika Alexander husband?

Tony PuryearErika Alexander / Husband (m. 1997–2017)

Did Maxine get pregnant?

To the thrill of fans, he returned in the finale episode in an ironic plot twist: Maxine is pregnant with her first child after utilizing a local sperm bank – only to discover that Kyle is the anonymous donor.

How much money does Erika Alexander have?

Erika Alexander net worth: Erika Alexander is an American actress who has a net worth of $3 million dollars. She is most remembered for her role in the Cosby Show, where she played Pam Tucker, a distant cousin of main character Clair Huxtable.

Who died from the Living Single show?

Personal life and death Ford moved from Los Angeles to Kendall, Florida around 2001. In 2015, Ford moved to Atlanta where he lived with his girlfriend Viviane Brazil. Ford died from a ruptured abdominal aneurysm on October 12,2016, at a hospital in the Atlanta area. He was 52.

Who kills Maxine?

The actress, 48, looked a world away from the cobbles as she shared a snap of herself behind the scenes at a theatre. Tracy is best known for her years playing hairdresser Maxine Peacock between 1995 and 2003. But her run on the show came to an end when she was brutally murdered by Richard Hillman.