Do Yoyo loaches play?

Do Yoyo loaches play?

You’ll see them grouping up and playing. Unlike other loaches, this species isn’t nocturnal and will be quite active during the day. In most instances, Yoyo Loaches will not show signs of aggression to other peaceful fish in the tank (they can be a bit nosy though).

Are Yoyo loaches sensitive?

Yoyo Loach Care Guide. While these loaches are not true scaleless fish they are just as sensitive as scaleless fish. Unfortunately your loaches will be the first fish to be infected by a bacterial, fungal, or parasitic illness that enters the tank.

Do Yoyo loaches like to hide?

If they are kept with an overly aggressive species fish, they quickly begin to spend much of their time in hiding. Some have been known to even go into permanent hiding and ignore food – which generally does not bode well for the health of the yoyo loach.

Can I have 2 Yoyo loaches?

Keeping Yoyo Loach Together Yes, you can keep them together, however you need to keep them in a group of 5 or 6. The problem with these fish is their need to show dominance. This can lead them to bully other members of their species. Having a group will help to spread out this dominant behavior.

Do Yoyo loaches sleep on their side?

Yes they eat like hogs and like to lay on there sides.

Do loaches sleep on their side?

Another behavior that clown loaches engage in, which has often scared clown loach keepers, is how they “play dead.” This is simply the way that clown loaches sleep or rest, on their side, remaining pretty much motionless.

Are yoyo loach bottom feeder?

If you’re looking for an energetic and exciting animal to bring some pizazz to the lower parts of a large aquarium, consider adding a group of Yoyo Loaches. These social and active bottom feeders are a treat to observe, and they’re an excellent choice for many peaceful planted communities, too!

How can you tell if a yoyo loach is stressed?

If you notice your precious Yoyo loach displaying any of these symptoms, you should know that it is stressed: Gasping at the Water Surface – One way to recognize that your fish is stressed is it gasping at the surface of the water.

Why is my loach swimming upside down?

Kuhli loaches are a type of fish that live in water with a moderate to a high level of oxygen. When the oxygen level drops, these fish will swim to the surface to gulp in the air. If the oxygen level remains low, they will swim upside down to find oxygen.

Why does my Loach play dead?

Why does my yoyo loach swim in circles?

They’re highly active and friendly. Swiming circles seems to be a trait in the ones we’ve had and it’s highly entertaining. The only exception is our current yoyo, which seems to be reclusive in its personality. My husband calls it “defective”.

Do yoyo loach sleeping on side?

Yes, lying on their sides is one of the things they do best!

Can I keep just one Yoyo Loach?

If you keep a single yoyo loach, there’s a good chance it will team up with other fish in the tank. While this may not be a problem, it’s best to keep a shoal of at least three, preferably more. Do not keep them with large or aggressive tankmates.

Why is my Yoyo Loach laying on its side?

Good to know the lying on their sides thing is normal! As for your Yoyo’s. Keep an eye on aggression. I had a school of them at one stage and the one dominant one ended up killing the others off one by one.

Do loaches swim?

Poor Water Quality Loaches are sensitive species and may swim in circles when the water quality is poor. The ammonia levels, for example, can be a cause for stress and swimming around in circles as a response. Additionally, other toxins or contaminants can also cause circling behavior from fish.

Do loaches sleep?

Playing Dead Another behavior that clown loaches engage in, which has often scared clown loach keepers, is how they “play dead.” This is simply the way that clown loaches sleep or rest, on their side, remaining pretty much motionless.

What is a yoyo loach?

Let’s jump right into it. The Yoyo Loach ( Botia almorhae) is a freshwater fish that goes by many different names. You may seem them marketed as Almora Loaches, Lohahata Botia Loaches, and even Pakistani Loaches.

How long do Yoyo loaches live in a tank?

A yoyo loach can be a part of your tank for five to eight years. If you are looking for a challenge, some aquarists have reported a 20-year lifespan for their loaches! These longer lifespans are the result of extraordinary care, a healthy environment, and a large tank. Aside from their good looks, aquarists love these fish for their behavior.

Can you breed yoyo loach in captivity?

Yoyo Loach breeding is as good as impossible in captivity, and there are no documented records to suggest otherwise. Literally, no aquarist has managed to pull it off successfully, and here’s why. Unlike most species, Yoyo Loach breeding is dependent on the fish’s behavior during the spawning period.