What is the next movie for Johnny Depp?

What is the next movie for Johnny Depp?

“La Favorite” will mark Depp’s first major acting role since Andrew Levitas’ 2020 film “Minamata,” a film about war photographer W. Eugene Smith.

How old was Johnny Depp when he dated Winona Ryder?

Winona Ryder They began dating two months later, when she was 17 and Depp was 26.

Is Amber Heard in any upcoming movies?

Aquaman and the Lost KingdomAmber Heard / Upcoming movie

Is Johnny Depp going to be in the next Pirates of the Caribbean?

When asked if Depp could return for the upcoming film, he said, “Not at this point. The future is yet to be decided.” Fans will definitely be happy if their favorite Johnny Depp returns to play Captain Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean 6, but it looks like Johnny is still on the fence!

What is Amber Heard’s new movie?

How much did Disney offer Johnny Depp to come back?

a $301 million
Hollywood star Johnny Depp has reportedly been approached by Disney with a $301 million (around Rs 2,355 crore) deal to return as Captain Jack Sparrow from ‘Pirates Of The Caribbean’ franchise.

Is Johnny Depp done with pirates?

Johnny Depp Won’t Return to ‘Pirates’ Franchise, Says Jerry Bruckheimer: ‘Not at This Point’

Is Johnny Depp’s ex-fiancé Winona Ryder returning as Lydia Deetz?

Johnny’s ex-fiancé, Winona Ryder, has confirmed that she plans to reprise her role as Lydia Deetz in this fresh installment, which is slated to come in 2025. While nothing is set in stone yet, Winona told USA Today that she’s in.

What happened to Winona Ryder in 2001?

In 2001, Gen X’s golden girl was tarnished. Winona Ryder was arrested for shoplifting in Beverly Hill’s Saks Fifth Avenue in an incident that’s now Tinseltown lore. The “Stranger Things” star subsequently explained that she had broken her arm and the painkillers prescribed by her doctor had left her disoriented.

Who is Johnny Depp playing in a new French movie?

Per Variety, Johnny is set to star as the controversial French king Louis XV in a new movie by French director and actress Maïwenn. The film, which has not yet been named, is set to start filming this summer. He was announced as cast prior to his trial.