What is the runt meaning?

What is the runt meaning?

Definition of runt 1 chiefly Scotland : a hardened stalk or stem of a plant. 2 : an animal unusually small of its kind especially : the smallest of a litter of pigs. 3 usually disparaging : a person of small stature.

Is there a word runt?

The runt of a group of animals born to the same mother at the same time is the smallest and weakest of them. You call a small person a runt when you are annoyed with them and are expressing your dislike for them. You little runt!

Where is the word runt from?

c. 1500, “old or decayed tree stump” (Douglas), a provincial word of unknown origin. The meaning was extended to “small ox or cow,” especially of the breeds characteristic of Wales and the Scottish Highlands (1540s, if indeed this is the same word), and by 1610s generally to undersized animals and ignorant people.

Can humans be runts?

So yes, there can be runts in a human multiple birth group but generally there is no noticeable difference and so we don t normally have a baby that would be called a runt when there are twins or triplets or more unless there is an obvious difference.

What is another word for runt?

In this page you can discover 17 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for runt, like: midget, nobody, half-pint, peewee, shrimp, dwarf, lilliputian, mongrel, yappy, scrub and mannikin.

What is a synonym for runt?

What does little runt mean?

1. the smallest and weakest young animal in a litter, esp the smallest piglet in a litter.

What does runt of the family mean?

A runt is the very smallest baby animal in a litter — and it’s also a derogatory word for a small person. If your little brother is sensitive about his height, it would be mean to call him a runt. The tiniest piglet in a pile of baby pigs at a local farm is the runt.

What’s the opposite of runt?

Opposite of an undersized or stunted plant, animal or person. behemoth. colossus. giant. jumbo.

What is a sentence for runt?

He was a little runt who probably got picked on at school, nobody liked him. Play dodgeball, a simple form of baseball, sliding Runt through obstacle courses; just little quick and easy games that will wile away some of your time. She was n’t expected to live being the runt of the litter.

What’s another word for runt?

Can a human be a runt?