What is the temperature on Vulcan Star Trek?

What is the temperature on Vulcan Star Trek?

From Memory Alpha: “Daytime temperatures [on Vulcan] routinely range from 43.3ºC (110ºF) to 51.6ºC (125ºF), and in the peak of summer can reach or exceed 65.5ºC (150ºF)”.

What is the normal temperature in Romania?

Romania has a temperate-continental climate of a transitional type, specific to Central Europe. The mean temperature in the winter period falls below – 3°C and in the summertime it ranges between 22°C and 24°C. The mean annual temperature is 11°C in the south of the country and 8°C in the north of the country (1).

What is the climate of Transylvania?

Transylvania is one of the coldest regions in Romania with an average daily high temperature of only 16 degrees centigrade. The climate widely corresponds to Central European weather conditions. It is cold, wet and a few beautiful summer months are also happening during a year.

What type of climate does Bucharest have?

The climate of Bucharest is continental, with cold winters and hot summers. The city is the capital of Romania and is located in Wallachia, the southern plain. Winter is cold and gray, with snowfalls and frosts. Sometimes fog can form.

Are Vulcans warm blooded?

It was my understanding that Vulcans are warm-blooded. It may be that McCoy was speaking in relative terms. Meaning that Vulcan physiology is such that body temperature and blood pressure norms (i.e. thinner blood) are both noticeably lower than a human’s.

How much do Vulcans sleep?

Having evolved on a desert world, Vulcans can survive without water for longer periods than humans. Vulcans can also go without sleep for as long as two weeks.

Can I retire to Romania?

The biggest Pro of retiring to Romania is the low cost of living, followed by its natural beauty and friendly people. The biggest con is that Romania doesn’t offer a retirement visa per se, so you would have to do some extra leg and paperwork to get here.