Why did Disney get rid of Vinylmation?

Why did Disney get rid of Vinylmation?

Trading. Walt Disney World and Disneyland Resorts have recently stopped official trading because vinylmations are considered “collectibles” not “traders”.

Can you still trade Vinylmations at Disney World?

While you may still purchase Vinylmations, the trading of them is no longer being offered at stores and resorts.

Are Vinylmations worth anything?

Vinylmation figures just never had that appeal as they remained an item that only Disney fanatics would purchase. The figures are worth $10 to $12 with little growth on the secondary market.

Is Vinylmation coming back?

The 50th anniversary of Walt Disney World is right around the corner, and we recently brought you a report on some of the merchandise that will debut for the celebration. We can also confirm that the collectible Vinylmation figures will be returning as part of the merchandise collection.

What is Vinylmation Disney?

Vinylmation is a series of collectible vinyl designer toys sold at the Disney theme parks. Each figure is in the shape of Mickey Mouse, and features artwork by various artists. Figures are available in $12.95 3″ and $39.95 9″ varieties.

Did Disney discontinue swap your bow?

The Interchangeable Bow Ears were introduced at the beginning of July 2017 by the Disney Parks Blog and then again at D23 July 14-16. The ears were officially launched in parks by mid-August. The bows have been discontinued in the United States, but are still available in Paris and Hong Kong.

What is vinylmation Disney?

How many Disney keys are there to collect?

12 Disney Keys. There are 10 official keys, and 2 that are separate from the rest of the pack. Here are the 10 main keys, plus 1 special key, provided by my Instagram friend that introduced me to Disney Keys in the first place, Esther, also known as A Magical Kingdom Called Home. Check out her website here.

How many Disney trading pins are there?

There Are 100,000 Pins To Collect There are pins with individual Disney movies, mascots, and characters. Some pins are based on special events or attractions and rides in the parks.