Are Red Point Siamese cats rare?

Are Red Point Siamese cats rare?

The Flame Point Siamese Cat (also known as Red Point Siamese) is a rare type of Siamese cat bred to exhibit a red colorpoint pattern. It’s called many different names worldwide, and some cat registries don’t register it at all, choosing instead to label it a red colorpoint shorthair.

How much is a Red Point Siamese cat?

By now, you know that a purebred Flame Point Siamese is quite rare to find. With rarity comes prosperity (to ‌breeders) because this breed is quite expensive. You can expect to pay anything from $400 to $2000. Prices vary depending on the area you’re buying from, the breeder, the cat’s age, and ancestry.

How big do Red Point Siamese get?

The average size for a Flame Point Siamese is between 16-21 inches for both males and females. However, the male Flame Point Siamese size does tend to be larger. The average weight of a Flame Point is between 9-14 pounds, but males can weigh up to five pounds more than females.

What does a flame point cat look like?

Flame Point Siamese cats are a rare purebred breed, which are characterized by: Red tips on their ears and face. Orange stripey tails. The rest of their bodies are predominantly white; some develop orange tabby markings.

How can I tell if my Siamese cat is purebred?

Identifying a Siamese by its Coat and Face. Look at the cat’s coat. Siamese have distinctive fur colors and patterning, although there is no single coat pattern or color shared by all Siamese. Typically, Siamese have creamy white coats with dark patches or “points” on the muzzle and face, ears, tail, and feet.

At what age is a Siamese cat fully grown?

one to two years
While some cats like Tabbies and Siamese can grow to adult size in one to two years, bigger cats like Maine Coons may take three to four years to grow.

Do Siamese cats shed?

Siamese cats are among the lowest shedding breeds. Not only does this reduce the amount of cat hair around your home, but it also saves you time spent grooming your furry friend.

Do all Siamese cats have crossed eyes?

Although many Siamese cats aren’t cross-eyed, historically the trait was considered normal for the breed. Today, Siamese with and without crossed eyes exist. Whatever your preference, you can find Siamese cats with beautiful blue eyes that slant or look straight on.

What color eyes do Siamese cats have?

blue eyes
Siamese cats are always pointed, and this is the only breed that will always have blue eyes. Within the breed, there are variations in eye color. For example, the eyes of a Seal Point Siamese can be a deep blue shade while those of a Lilac Point Siamese usually are a paler, grayer shade of blue.