What is the meaning of counter-hegemony?

What is the meaning of counter-hegemony?

Counterhegemony is a notion developed by Antonio Gramsci (1995) to define the way people develop ideas and discourse to challenge dominant assumptions, beliefs and established patterns of behavior.

What is an example of counter-hegemony?

An example of counter-hegemony in politics is the “anti-globalization movement”; another one is counter-hegemonic nationalism, a form of nationalism that deliberately attempts to put forward an idea of nationality that challenges the dominant one on its own terrain.

What is counter hegemonic globalization?

Therefore, the idea of counterhegemonic globalization analyzes civil societies and global movements as a way to gain more equitable distributions of rights, wealth, and power, and to sustain more ecologically and socially communities.

What is counter hegemonic resistance?

In its most elaborate form counter-hegemonic resistance includes practices conducted by subaltern groups that cannot be incorporated by the hegemonic model, aiming to modify both the material and the symbolic production and distribution of power and resources, and intended to build a unified political subject through …

What is Gramsci hegemony?

Gramsci developed the notion of hegemony in the Prison Writings. The idea came as part of his critique of the deterministic economist interpretation of history; of “mechanical historical materialism.” Hegemony, to Gramsci, is the “cultural, moral and ideological” leadership of a group over allied and subaltern groups.

What are types of hegemony?

The three types of hegemony are military, political, and economic.

Is resistance always counter hegemonic?

The assumption that social groups exist at a pre-political level grounds the abovementioned understanding of resistance as ‘natural’ to certain social groups, and makes resistance always counter-hegemonic.

What is hegemony PDF?

Hegemony is created when the worldview of the ruling class is consented to as the cultural norm for society. In organizational communication studies, investigations of hegemony began concurrently with the interpretive turn, as critical-cultural scholars investigated how members create and enact organizational meaning.

What are some examples of hegemony?

An example of hegemony is the student government leadership in a school….Hegemony Sentence Examples

  • The principal enjoyed his hegemony over the staff of the school.
  • The two countries went to war fighting for hegemony over the entire region.
  • This secured for Sparta the undisputed hegemony of the Peloponnese.