How do I upgrade onboard administrator firmware?

How do I upgrade onboard administrator firmware?

Update the firmware on the active OA to the same firmware version as already running on the active OA. To perform this step, update the firmware from the enclosure LCD with a FAT32-Formatted USB key that contains the OA firmware bin file and is plugged into the Active OA (See the following menu example).

How do I access OA command line?

Execute the SHOW ALL command from either the OA GUI or the OA CLI as follows: OA GUI > Enclosure Settings > Configuration Scripts > SHOW ALL. OA CLI > Execute the following CLI command: SHOW ALL….Using the OA CLI


How do I update Virtual Connect firmware?

Download Virtual Connect Support Utility You can use Windows Or Linux to perform upgrade or downgrade virtual connect firmware. Accordingly based on your environment you can download vcsu for Linux or Windows host. Navigate to “Revision History” tab to get the various vcsu utility version.

How do I update the firmware on my c7000 enclosure?

Download and install Virtual Connect Software Utility (vcsu-1.7. 1-x86. msi), Is it needed for virtual connect firmware update….The right order in HP c7000 enclosure firmware upgrade :

  1. Upgrade Onboard Administrator.
  2. Upgrade Virtual connect modules.
  3. Upgrade blade ROM firmware – on-line or offline.

What is HP server OA?

The HPE Onboard Administrator (OA) can generate a full inventory, status and configuration report of all the above components; this is the so called SHOW ALL report.

How do I enable enclosure firmware management?

Re: How to use enclosure firmware manager to download firmware on all blades. Put the SPP ISO file on an USB stick and connect it to the OA (don’t extract the files!). Then go to the EFM page and mount it. Hope this helps!

How do I update firmware on blade server?

Updating the blade server IMM firmware

  1. Sign on to the management module Web interface.
  2. Select Firmware Update under Blade Tasks on the navigation pane on the left of the window.
  3. On the Update Blade Firmware window, first click the pull-down in the Target field and highlight the desired blade server to update.

What is OA module?

The AD Operations Actions Module is automatically installed when you install BMC Atrium Orchestrator. You can use the processes contained in this module to simplify the configuration of base adapters.

What is OA in iLO?

OA is the enclosure management processor, subsystem, and firmware base that supports the HPEBladeSystem and all managed devices in the enclosure. Using the Active Onboard Administrator.

How do I set up HP Onboard Administrator?

Log in to the Onboard Administrator with the Administrator user account and the OA dogtag password. Set Onboard Administrator name: SET OA NAME 1 . If a redundant Onboard Administrator is present, set the name to: SET OA NAME 2 . Configure Onboard Administrator IP address.

How do I update my HPE Proliant firmware?

Go to

  1. Select Download >>.
  2. Select >> Current Version.
  3. Select >> Download next to the Complete ISO Image selection.
  4. Enter your HP Passport user ID and password.
  5. Follow the instructions to download the SPP ISO file.

How to update firmware in hp c7000 Enclosures?

Keeping you hardware and software up to date is very important in every environment. Today I will guide you through firmware update in HP c7000 Enclosures. The procedure itself is straight forward and there shouldn’t be any problems by executing it. Login to Onboard Administrator. Navigate to Active Onboard Administrator and click Firmware Update .

Is there a way to upgrade the OA firmware?

There is a specific firmware upgrade path for the chassis. If you have running servers: it’s OA, then the upgrade the server drivers, then the server firmware and last is the interconnects (at least for a VC environment). You can upgrade the OA while the servers are running, it is a non-disruptive update.

How to update the HP BladeSystem Oa and VC firmware?

Update any offline-only firmware with the HP BladeSystem FDT or HP Firmware Maintenance CD tool. 3. Update the VC firmware with the VCSU from a workstation that is connected to the same network (s) as the OA and VC Ethernet modules.

How do I update the blades and the OA?

Update the blades and the OA by using the HP BladeSystem Online Firmware Bundles for Windows and Linux . Be sure to use a workstation connected to the same network as the OA.