How much is taxi from Athens to Piraeus?

How much is taxi from Athens to Piraeus?

Taxi Fares from Athens Airport

Airport Taxi Transfer Day 05:00-24:00 Time
Athens Airport to Athens Center 38 € 30 min
Athens Airport to Piraeus Port 50 € 45 min
Athens Airport to Rafina Port 25 € 20 min
Athens Airport to Lavrio Port 55 € 30 min

How much is a taxi from Athens cruise port to airport?

Private transfer from Athens Port to Athens costs only 40 Euros. Private taxi from Athens Piraeus Port to Athens Airport costs 70 Euros. Bus transfers from Athens port to the city centre or the airport are available for online bookings.

How much is taxi from Acropolis to Piraeus port?

25 € 32 €
Piraeus Taxi Fares (Average Prices)

One-way Route from Piraeus Day Charge 05:00-24:00 Night charge 00:00-05:00
Piraeus Port Center – Acropolis Athens 25 € 32 €
Piraeus Port Center – Acropolis Museum 25 € 32 €
Piraeus Port Center – Monastiraki Square 25 € 32 €
Piraeus Port Center – Syntagma Square 25€ 32 €

How much is a taxi from Piraeus to the airport?

54 € 70 €
Taxi Prices for Piraeus Port

One-way Piraeus Route 4-seat taxi 05:00-24:00 (day charge) 4-seat taxi 00:00-05:00 (night charge)
Piraeus Port – Athens International Airport 54 € 70 €
Piraeus Port – Acropolis Athens 25 € 32 €
Piraeus Port – Acropolis Museum 25 € 32 €
Piraeus Port – Athens Center (Monastiraki) 25 € 32 €

Is taxi expensive in Greece?

The average taxi ride costs between 4EUR and € 6 ( US$ 6.30). In other words, a taxi to get around the city center costs a little more than two metro tickets. Taxis are very easy to flag down, since there are over 12,000 vehicles in the city.

Is Uber available in Athens Greece?

Uber operates two services in Athens: UberX, which uses professional licensed drivers, and UberTAXI, which uses taxi drivers. The new regulations require each trip to start and end in the fleet partner’s designated headquarters or parking area, something Uber does not do.

How long does a taxi take from Athens airport to Piraeus?

Taking an Athens airport taxi from the airport to Piraeus port is by far the most convenient transfer option. The journey only takes 40 minutes, and you don’t have to worry about the safety of your luggage or your arrival time. Standard yellow taxis cost a flat rate of 54€ in the day and 70€ at night.

How do I get from Athens airport to Piraeus?

The best way to get from Piraeus to Athens Airport (ATH) is to train which takes 1h 3m and costs €10. Alternatively, you can bus, which costs €6 and takes 1h 30m.

Which port is best in Athens?

Piraeus Port
Piraeus Port. The largest and most important of Athens ports is Piraeus, about 10 km south of Athens city centre. It is also the largest port in Greece. Most Greek ferries depart from Piraeus.

How much is a taxi from Athens airport to Athens?

Taxi transfer from Athens Airport The fare from Athens airport to Athens city center is fixed: Day time (05:00-24:00) Athens Airport to City Center: 38 € Night time (24:00-05:00) Athens Airport to City Center: 54 €

Are taxis safe in Athens Greece?

Athens taxis are considered a rather safe option for your transfer throughout the city. In any case, the cabs queuing up at the official taxi stands are undoubtedly licensed and legal. Hence, you should always catch your cab from the taxi ranks. Another safe alternative is to book your taxi ride online.

What is the best taxi app in Greece?

Beat. Formerly known as Taxibeat, Beat is the number one taxi-hailing app in Greece. In fact, it even rivals the likes of Uber which offers luxury cars to take users to where they want to go.

Is there Uber in Athens Greece?

Reserve a ride with Uber in advance in Athens, GR Complete your plans today by reserving a ride with Uber in Athens, GR. Request a ride up to 30 days in advance, at any time and on any day of the year.

How do I get from Athens to Piraeus port?

After you land at the airport, you can choose between several transportation options including metro, bus, taxi and private vehicle to get you to the port of Piraeus. The fastest and the most convenient way to get to port of Piraeus from Athens International Airport is by taxi or private vehicle booked via Grekaddict.

How early should I get to Piraeus port?

Piraeus Port Ferry Tickets Piraeus is a big port; arrive early to ensure enough time to collect your tickets and find your ship – an hour is a safe bet. There are port shuttles on site, but depending on the location of your ferry and the port shuttle schedule, walking to your gate could take 20 minutes or more.

What taxi app works in Greece?

BEAT is the No1 free of charge taxi app in Greece. Through the app, you can find the best taxi drivers in Athens and Thessaloniki, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.