Is a PS 2 mouse better?

Is a PS 2 mouse better?

The only difference between a USB and PS/2 mouse is how the device connects to a computer. Mice of both connection standards commonly include a converter so they will work with the other connection type.

Are PS2 connectors faster?

The same happens in PS2 devices. Thus, PS2 is theoretically quicker if compared to its USB counterparts.

Does PS 2 have lower latency?

PS/2 can be clocked up to 200Hz, but its not polling based its how often the port “refreshes” while key is continually pressed. 2. PS/2 has generallyl much better latency when paired with proper keyboard (Such as SteelSeries 6v2 as in my signature). As mentioned earlier, its more important whats in keyboard.

Are PS2 connectors faster than USB?

Despite all of this theory, USB is more or less on equal footing in the real-world, even though PS/2 is faster (more direct) and offers NKRO capability.

Why is PS2 still on motherboards?

Backwards compatibility from USB to PS/2 doesn’t hurt either, rather, giving PS/2 more reason to stay as a standard. modern desktop processors still boot up in a mode which can’t access more than 1MB of memory due to a compatibility workaround introduced in 1982. The inertia in PC design is staggering.

Is a PS2 port faster than USB?

USB mice send data more quickly than PS/2 mice because standard USB mice are polled at a default rate of 125 hertz while standard PS/2 mice send interrupts at a default rate of 100 Hz when they have data to send to the computer.

Are ps2 connectors faster than USB?

Are PS2 keyboards faster than USB?

What does PS2 stand for?

PlayStation 2
PS2 is short for PlayStation 2, see our PlayStation page for further information about this console and other PlayStation consoles.

Why do PCS still have PS2?

What color is a PS2 mouse port?

Color code

Color Description
Purple Keyboard
Green Mouse