What is the best fertilizer for Sylvester palms?

What is the best fertilizer for Sylvester palms?

They would prefer a slow-release fertilizer. Fertilizers like 15-15-15 and 12-4-12 are good options. We recommend some high-quality balanced products preferably with a good amount of microelements like iron and magnesium. Spread the granules evenly around the base of the trunk.

What is the best ratio for palm tree fertilizer?


  • Use an NPK ratio of 3:1:3.
  • So, when you buy, look for a bag that has the numbers “15:5:15”.
  • Slow release or delayed release is better and safer than rapid release.
  • One has to be very careful when using liquid or soluble fertilizers.

What do you feed Sylvester palms?

Add top soil or peat humus to the hole when planting. Fertilize 3 times a year – in spring summer and autumn – with a quality palm fertilizer containing micronutrients. What is this? Although these palms are drought-tolerant once they’re established, water during dry spells if you don’t have irrigation.

What is the best fertilizer for royal palm trees?

The Royal Palm Diet Give royal palms fertilizer specially formulated for palm trees. It should have a ratio of 8-2-12-4Mg with micronutrients. The nitrogen should be in the form of resin-coated urea or ammonium salts, urea-formaldehyde or sulfur-coated urea.

How do you fertilize a Pindo palm tree?

Fertilize your Pindo Palm four times annually. Use a specialized palm fertilizer rich in micronutrients and lists an NPK ratio of 8 – 4 – 12. Use granular fertilizer and sprinkle it evenly over the soil beneath the tree’s canopy. Immediately water the tree deeply to prevent the fertilizer from scorching the roots.

What kind of fertilizer do palms like?

When fertilizing palm trees, it’s important to use a slow-release fertilizer, such as Milorganite, which can work for up to 10 weeks, as it provides nutrients over a longer period of time and reduces the risk of leaching. Quick release fertilizer, especially in sandy soil, can easily wash away after only a few rains.

How often should I fertilize my palm trees?

one to three times a year
Palm tree fertilizer should be applied one to three times a year, depending on the specific brand’s instructions. Some slow-release fertilizers may say “feeds up to 3 months,” for example. You would apply a fertilizer like this more often than one that “feeds up to 6 months.”

How long does palm fertilizer take to work?

Steps to establishing a new palm: Apply the fertilizer away from the base of the palm, staying around 18″ away from the base. Banding fertilizer around the base of the palm tree is considered a poor practice because it can damage the roots. Wait about 4 to 6 weeks after planting to fertilize.

Do pindo palms need lots of water?

Pindo palms are drought-tolerant and can survive in dry soil, but they will need regular waterings as they are getting established. It’s important to keep the soil moist at the roots, which you can gauge simply by sticking a finger in the soil to make sure that water is penetrating it.

How do you fertilize pindo palms?

What is the lifespan of a pindo palm?

approximately 80 years
Life span approximately 80 years. Usage: Popular landscaping plant which tolerates colder conditions than most species of palms.

How often should you fertilize palm trees?

How much water does a pindo palm need?

Water your Pindo palm when the top 3 inches of soil are completely dry. Water deeply, saturating the soil around the roots to a depth of at least 2 feet. Utilize a yard hose or soaker to water slowly so the water wets the ground in a radius about 4 feet around the base of the trunk.

How do you take care of a pindo palm?

3 Care Tips for Pindo Palms

  1. Water your pindo palm to establish it. Pindo palms are drought-tolerant and can survive in dry soil, but they will need regular waterings as they are getting established.
  2. Prune very sparingly.
  3. Fertilize for new growth.