How do I download Avaya manager?

How do I download Avaya manager?

To download Avaya software:

  1. Browse to and log in.
  2. Select Support by Product and click Downloads.
  3. Enter IP Office in the Enter Product Name box and select the matching option from the displayed list.
  4. Use the Choose Release drop-down to select the required IP Office release.
  5. Click Downloads.

How do I install IP office Manager?

Installing IP Office Manager Double click on the setup.exe file. Choose your preferred language from the drop-down list and click OK (this is for the installer, not the IP Office Manager application). The installer will check your PC for previous versions of the software.

How do I use Avaya software?

How to Use the Avaya Softphone

  1. After setting up your Avaya softphone, you will be given a password for your extension.
  2. On the Place and receive calls using: menu, select This Computer.
  3. Select Yes to move your extension to your computer and use the softphone.
  4. The softphone keeps a log of your calls.

What does Avaya agent do?

Avaya Agent for Desktop is a contact center agent client application. As an agent, you can use Avaya Agent for Desktop for handling incoming and outgoing calls, changing work states, and managing other UI controls. As an administrator, you can manage Avaya Agent for Desktop configurations and settings.

What is Avaya IP Wireless Telephone?

Avaya IP Wireless Telephone solutions integrate with Avaya IP Telephony solutions over 802.11 networks and can scale to support very large numbers of mobile users. They also gain access to powerful IP Telephony features while on the move.

What is Avaya IP office manager?

Avaya IP Office Manager is an application for viewing and editing an Avaya IP Office system’s configuration. It can be used to securely connect to and configure IP Office or B5800 Branch Gateway systems.

How do I upgrade Avaya IP500 V2 control units?

Using the Avaya IP Office Manager Upgrade Wizard: The upgrade wizard is part of Avaya IP Office Manager and can be used to upgrade all types of IP Office system. Upgrading the System SD Card: For IP500 V2 control units, the software on the System SD card can be upgraded by a range of methods.

How do I add or move IP phones to Avaya IP Office?

Easily Add or Move IP Phones: Adding new phones or other devices is a matter of plugging them in and powering on-Avaya IP Office automatically reads the IP address of the device. Once it is set-up, you can move a device from extension to extension, even to another location, without having to “re-administer.”