What does it mean to be a subject leader?

What does it mean to be a subject leader?

A subject leader’s role is to analyse and build the appropriate provision in their subject, then cultivate the staff’s pedagogical content knowledge to maximise learning across their school. This process – Analyse, Build and Cultivate – is the ABC of subject leadership.

What are DfE standards?

The Teachers’ Standards as set out by the Department for Education (DfE) outlines the minimum requirements for teachers’ practice and conduct in the UK. This guidance is for the use of school leaders, staff and governing bodies alike, and is issued into law as the requirements teachers must follow.

What is standard for headship?

The Standard for Headship is designed to support individual self-evaluation and reflection as an integral part of leadership development. It is vital that leadership development is supported by effective and systematic Professional Review and Development (PRD) and Professional Update processes.

How do you become an outstanding subject leader?

Ten top tips for core subject leaders

  1. Don’t try to fix everything at once!
  2. Do some ‘quick-win’ monitoring activities.
  3. Don’t forget to evaluate!
  4. Walk the walk.
  5. Be prepared to switch between support and challenge.
  6. Make your action plan your friend.
  7. Stop counting books!
  8. Be positive.

Do headteachers need to be qualified teachers?

Previously, all headteachers had to have the National Professional Qualification for Headship (NPQH). Since 2012, however, this is no longer a mandatory requirement. Although, if you do have this qualification it will put you in a better position when applying for headteacher roles.

Who is a head teacher accountable to?

33. Internally, in addition to being accountable to governors, headteachers are accountable to their pupils and staff.

What should be in a subject leaders file?

What’s inside?

  • [Updated] Important policies and documents.
  • [Updated] Roles and responsibilities.
  • Subject self-evaluation and planning.
  • [Updated] Policies.
  • Monitoring and evaluation activities.
  • [Updated] Lesson observations.
  • Work scrutiny.
  • [Updated] Monitoring planning.

What should a subject leader file contain?

Can you be a headteacher without QTS?

The requirement for heads to have Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) was dropped in 2001, and two years ago, the National College for School Leadership (NCSL) set up the Tomorrow’s Heads programme as a fast-track into leadership, opening up recruitment to those outside the profession.

What must be the role of head teacher as a school leader?

The headmaster has to plan a number of things in the school. He will chalk out the policies and rules of admission. Dates of admission are to be publicized. He should convene the meetings of the staff and discuss with the teachers their activities and programmes for the whole year.

What values should a headteacher have?

You should have vision and values The foundation of a strong headship involves clear vision and values, integrity, a commitment to working hard and continuing to learn, and the capacity to build your resilience over time.