What does SYLV stand for?

What does SYLV stand for?

SYLV Support Your Local Veterans Community » Clubs Rate it:
SYLV See Ya Later Virgins Internet » Chat Rate it:

What does CNFB stand for?

CNFB Club Nazionale Fiat Barchetta Miscellaneous » Automotive Rate it:
CNFB Conseil National des Femmes Belges International » French Rate it:

What is the abbreviation of aldosterone?

What is an aldosterone (ALD) test? This test measures the amount of aldosterone (ALD) in your blood or urine. ALD is a hormone made by your adrenal glands, two small glands located above the kidneys.

What is the abbreviation for Slovenian?

SL Slovenian Regional » Language Codes (2 Letters) Rate it:
SLV Slovenian Regional » Language Codes (3 Letters) Rate it:

What is short for Sylvia?

Syl. A diminutive form of Sylvia. Sylvie.

Is Sylvia a Bible name?

Sylvia is baby girl name mainly popular in Christian religion and its main origin is Latin. Sylvia name meanings is Lumber. People search this name as Sylvia biblical meaning. Other similar sounding names can be Sylva, Sylvie.

What does WWW mean in text?

WWW means “World Wide Web.”

What is a aldosterone medical term?

Listen to pronunciation. (al-DOS-teh-rone) A steroid hormone made by the adrenal cortex (the outer layer of the adrenal gland). It helps control the balance of water and salts in the kidney by keeping sodium in and releasing potassium from the body.

Is Slovenia SI or SL?

Appendix DISO Country Codes for Selected Countries

Country Two-letter Abbreviation
Sierra Leone SL
Singapore SG
Slovakia (Slovak Republic) SK
Slovenia SI

Is Silvia a girl name?

Silvia (Italian: [ˈsilvja]) is a female given name of Latin origin, with a male equivalent Silvio and English-language cognate Sylvia. The name originates from the Latin word for forest, Silva, and its meaning is “spirit of the wood”; the mythological god of the forest was associated with the figure of Silvanus.

Is Sylvia a rare name?

Sylvia has been consistently on the popularity list since records started being kept. She was a Top 100 name from 1932 to 1948, reaching a high of Number 48 in 1932.

Is Sylvia a pretty name?

Sylvia is a beautiful, classic, ancient and fairly neglected name today. That’s good news for parents looking for a traditional choice, but one that’s not trendy and overused (for instance, Sylvia instead of Sophia). Sylvia is a name to consider, especially if you can see the forest for the trees.