What jobs do people have at the Great Barrier Reef?

What jobs do people have at the Great Barrier Reef?

Dive Instructor, Deckhand, Cruise Attendant, MED1 or higher Your office will be the Great Barrier Reef, one of the 7 Natural Wonders of the World. Working in a fun, supportive culture for above award rates.

Do people work at the Great Barrier Reef?

When you choose to work for us, you join a team of passionate people and make a commitment to ensure the Great Barrier Reef is ecological, social and economic value is available for generations to come.

How many jobs does the Great Barrier Reef provide?

The Great Barrier Reef is an economic powerhouse, contributing more than $6.4 billion each year to the Australian economy and around 64,000 full-time jobs.

Can you live on Lady Elliot Island?

Lady Elliot Island attracts a mix of domestic & international guests who want to experience the Great Barrier Reef first hand. It is a premier dive site in Australia renown for it’s manta rays, turtles, and whales. There are approximately 30 people working and living on Lady Elliot Island.

What is great barrier reef bleaching?

When corals are under stress, they expel the microscopic algae that live in their tissues. Without these algae, corals’ tissues become transparent, exposing their white skeleton. This is called coral bleaching. Bleached corals are not dead, but are more at risk of starvation and disease.

How much money does the Great Barrier Reef make from tourism a year?

It is now estimated that GBR tourism employs more than 64,000 people (full-time equivalent) and contributes $5.2 billion annually to the Australian economy1.

How much are coral reefs worth?

Coral reefs support jobs, tourism, and fisheries By one estimate, coral reefs provide economic goods and services worth about $375 billion each year.

How much money does tourism in the Great Barrier Reef make?

Are there stingers on Lady Elliot Island?

Are there stingers around Lady Elliot? Unlike islands further north, Lady Elliot Island is not affected by the stinger season and it is safe to swim all year round.

Why is it called Lady Elliot Island?

* In 1816 Captain Thomas Stewart, sailing the 353 tonne ‘Lady Elliot’ (it had been built in Bengal and named after the wife of Hugh Elliot, the colonial governor of India), sighted and named the island.

What is the GBR?

The Great Barrier Reef is a site of remarkable variety and beauty on the north-east coast of Australia. It contains the world’s largest collection of coral reefs, with 400 types of coral, 1,500 species of fish and 4,000 types of mollusc.

What are polyps coral reef?

A coral polyp is an invertebrate that can be no bigger than a pinhead to up to a foot in diameter. Each polyp has a saclike body and a mouth that is encircled by stinging tentacles. The polyp uses calcium carbonate (limestone) from seawater to build a hard, cup-shaped skeleton.

How much is the reef worth?

$56 billion
More than the jobs it supports and the value it adds to the economy each year, the Great Barrier Reef is valued at $56 billion as an Australian economic, social and iconic asset.

Is experience in the Great Barrier Reef required for this role?

Experience in both the Great Barrier Reef and the Kimberley region would be. More… Therefore travel will be required. This role will help drive impact on First Nations Justice in the upcoming Federal Election.

Where to stay on the Great Barrier Reef?

Qualified Chef on the Great Barrier Reef – Liveaboard Dive V… Reef Encounter is a floating hotel staying on the Outer Barrier Reef 365 days a year and serviced by our day boat Reef Experience transferring our guests daily. More…

Is Low Isles caretaker a ‘dream job’ for Great Barrier Reef?

In what has been described as a “dream job”, the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority is tendering for a new caretaker for the Low Isles, off Port Douglas in North Queensland.

Is this a real job opening on a tropical island?

FREE accommodation on a tropical island, a guaranteed two-year contract, snorkelling — yes, this is a real job opening. FREE accommodation on a tropical island, a guaranteed two-year contract, snorkelling — sounds like a job opportunity that’s too good to be true right? Well, we promise you it is not.