What do you call the bottom of a valley?

What do you call the bottom of a valley?

valley floor The broad flat bottom of a valley. Also known as valley bottom; valley plain. [

What bottom means in slang?

the submissive partner
Slang. the submissive partner in a sexual relationship or encounter, especially the person who is penetrated in anal intercourse (opposed to top). Usually bottoms .

What does valley meaning?

Definition of valley 1a : an elongate depression of the earth’s surface usually between ranges of hills or mountains. b : an area drained by a river and its tributaries. 2 : a low point or condition. 3a : hollow, depression. b : the place of meeting of two slopes of a roof that form on the plan a reentrant angle.

What does the saying rock bottom mean?

rock bottom. The lowest possible level, absolute bottom, as in Wheat prices have reached rock bottom. This idiom alludes to the presence of bedrock that prevents digging farther down. [

What is the low ground between two hills?

Valleys are the low points between hills, and they are also known as vales.

What is valley synonym?

gorge, gulch, gully. (also gulley), kloof.

What does TOP mean in slang?

Slang. the dominant partner in a sexual relationship or encounter, especially the penetrator in anal intercourse (opposed to bottom).

What type of word is valley?

Valley is a noun – Word Type.

Where did the phrase rock bottom come from?

The expression, “hit rock bottom,” was popularized by Alcoholics Anonymous and has become part of our common language. Usually it means that a person has reached a point where there is nothing else to lose. There is no lower place to fall to; you’ve reached the rock bottom.

Why do some people hit rock bottom?

Although most frequently used in terms of alcoholism and other addictions, hitting rock bottom happens with every mental health problem. So people who are struggling with anxiety or depression can also reach rock bottom if they leave their conditions untreated.

What is a valley between hills called?

A vale is a long depression in the land, usually between two hills and containing a river. A vale is a valley.

Is a valley a lowland?

A valley is a stretch of low land between two mountain or hill ranges.

What is valley antonym?

ˈvæli) A long depression in the surface of the land that usually contains a river. Antonyms. natural elevation highland cheer whisper fill hollowness full.

What does it mean when a girl gives you top?

verb. to perform in a dominant role in sexual play.

What is a valley boy?

valley boy (plural valley boys) (US, slang) A young man who lives in the “Valley”, specifically the San Fernando Valley. (US, slang) A young gay man who listens to 1970s genre music.

What is bottom?

A person who is on the receiving end of gay sex. It is often confused, and assumed that the bottom is submissive, however a bottom can be dominant. (See power bottom) He is definitely a bottom. After his hookup last night he was walking funny. Get the Bottom mug.

What is the valley?

The Valley is short for the region comprising the San Fernando Valley . A way of speaking, consistently using the words: like, totally, dude, dudette. Hey dude are you from the valley?

What is a bottom mug?

Get the A bottom mug. 1. In gay relationships, a top who sees bottoms only as sexual objects. (Similiar to a womanizer in straight relationships) 2. A top who has promiscuous sexual relations with multiple bottoms, while paying no regard to the bottoms’ feelings.

What is Valley Girl?

Get a valley girl mug for your mate Nathalie. A name for a type of girl who likes to say OMG and like and totally and “whatever” and likes to gossip to the point where it is detrimental to their health.