What does being hard-wired mean?

What does being hard-wired mean?

adjective. (also hardwired) /hɑːdˈwaɪəd/ us. automatically thinking or behaving in a particular way: Babies are hard-wired to pay attention to anything that is fast-moving, brightly colored, or loud.

What does hardwired mean in reading?

adjective. If an ability, approach, or type of activity is hard-wired into the brain, it is a basic one and cannot be changed. Others think that the rules for what is ‘musical’ are hard-wired in our brains to some degree. ‘hard-wired’ ‘hard-wired’

What is another word for hard-wired?

Paraphrases for Hardwired: wired, conceptualized, geared, Engineered, paired, intended, Cabled, framed, designed, tailored, connected, Devised, attached, plugged, unplugged, crafted, seated, Construed, shaped, conceived, routed, hooked, modeled, Logged.

How do you use hardwired in a sentence?

They are hardwired to need what they need. Our social market economy must be hardwired to seize the opportunities of the future.

What does direct wired mean?

A direct wired light allows you to hide the wires, so your kitchen looks neater and the lights do not fill up the slots in your available electrical outlets. This is the preferred method for installing an under cabinet light fixture in a kitchen.

What does a well wired brain mean?

The word ‘wired’ is figuratively used here. So, if you have differently wired brain, you mean to say that you are ‘different’ than others.

What is the opposite of hard wired?

Opposite of innate or instinctive to a person or thing. adventitious. extraneous. extrinsic. acquired.

What is the difference between wired and hard wired?

If a wire is connected physically it is hard wired, means on module there exist a physical wire whereas communication on bus ( exchange of signals for example ) they are soft I/Os because physically wire doesn’t exist.

Are dishwashers hard wired?

No, not all dishwashers are hardwired. Instead, you can purchase dishwashers that come prepared with an electrical cord and a three-prong plug. These units will easily connect to a regular wall socket that you’d have in your household kitchen.

Why are some appliances Hard wired?

The main reason for hard wiring appliances is safety. Cookers have to be on their own circuit with their own fuse at the consumer unit because they draw so much current.

What does wired personality mean?

tense, nervous
If someone is wired, they are tense, nervous, and unable to relax. [mainly US, informal] Tonight he is manic, wired and uptight. adjective. A computer, organization, or person that is wired has the equipment that is necessary to use the internet.

How human mind is wired?

The brain is hard-wired with connections, much like a skyscraper or airplane is hard-wired with electrical wiring. In the case of the brain, the connections are made by neurons that link the sensory inputs and motor outputs with centers in the various lobes of the cerebral cortex.

What is the synonym of wired?

See definition of wired on Dictionary.com. adj.connected. adj.bugged. adj.excited. adj. wires.

What is difference between hardwire and Softwire?

What does soft wiring mean?

Otherwise known as modular wiring, Soft Wiring is a plug-and-play system which supersedes the labour intensive method of hardwiring by utilising an interconnecting modular backbone which enables a versatile and tool-less installation between the ceiling, office furniture and the floor.

Do all electric cookers have to be hard wired?

Cookers Rated Under 3kW For cookers under 3kW, it is perfectly acceptable to power them using a regular 13-amp plug and socket. In most cases (but not all, every home is different), this should mean any plug socket is fair game.

What is a hardwired appliance?

Hard-wired means the electrical cable comes furnished with the appliance and is physically connected or wired into the household wiring. There is NO plug to plug into a wall outlet or receptacle. All built-in appliances (including built-in wall ovens and drop-in ranges) have electrical leads attached to the appliance.

How can I tell if my dishwasher is hardwired?

A hardwired dishwasher is one that’s connected directly to your household power supply without a plug. As a result, the appliance does not receive its power through a wall socket or any other electrical receptacle. Related: Does A Dishwasher Need Its Own Circuit?

What does it mean if something is hard wired?

What does it mean if something is hard wired? Hard wired means that it is wired with conduit or flexible conduit. It is a term for fixed in place equipment usually needs a disconnect. Cord and plug connected is usually for portable equipment, the cord and plug is considered the disconnect.

Is hardwired the same as direct wired?

Hard wiring an alarm system means all the sensors and alarms physically are connected to a central panel by way of electrical wire. Soft-wired alarm systems are wireless and demountable. Monitored alarm systems notify local authorities after being triggered. Reliability is a major benefit of hard-wired systems.

What does ‘hardwired’ mean?

Hard-wired means the electrical cable comes furnished with the product and is physically connected or wired into the household wiring. There is NO plug to plug in.All built-in products (including built-in ovens and drop-ins) have electrical leads attached to the appliance.

What does hard wire mean?

hard·wire or hard-wire (härd′wīr′) tr.v. hard·wired, hard·wir·ing, hard·wires or hard-wired or hard-wir·ing or hard-wires 1. To connect (electronic components, for example) by electrical wires or cables. 2.