How do I set up Ivy on my Ant?

How do I set up Ivy on my Ant?

Apache IVY – Environment Setup

  1. Ensure that the JAVA_HOME environment variable is set to the folder where your JDK is installed.
  2. Unzip the zip file to a convenient location c:\folder.
  3. Create a new environment variable called ANT_HOME that points to the Ant installation folder, in this case c:\apache-ant-1.10.

What is Ivy dependency management?

Ivy is a dependency manager — it manages and controls the JAR files that your project depends on. If you don’t have the JARs, it will pull them down for you by default (from the Maven 2 repository), which can make project setup a lot easier.

What is Ivy artifact?

Tag: artifact Parent: dependency. This feature gives you more control on a dependency for which you do not control its ivy file. It enables to specify the artifacts required, if the dependency has no ivy file.

What is conf in Ivy XML?

An ivy configuration is simply a name for some subset of the module’s artifacts. Dependencies between modules are specified in terms of configuration names.

Is ivy toxic?

As with many common garden, house and wild plants, ivy isn’t food and is mildly poisonous if eaten. If you were to eat some, you might get an upset stomach. It is toxic to cats, dogs and horses, but not birds or livestock. Children under five are most at risk from plant poisoning.

How do you activate ivy?

Using Ivy in an existing project : AOT compilation with Ivy is faster and should be used by default. In the angular. json workspace configuration file, set the default build options for your project to always use AOT compilation. To stop using the Ivy compiler, set enableIvy to false in tsconfig.

What is Ivy xml?

The Ivy settings file: ivysettings. xml is used to configure resolution and deployment of artifacts using repositories in Artifactory. The Ivy modules file: ivy. xml is where the project’s modules and dependencies are declared.

How do I use Ivy with Ant build scripts?

If you want to use Ivy only in your Ant build scripts, and have an internet connection when you build, you can download Ivy from this site and use the downloaded version automatically, using this simple build snippet:

Where can I find Ivy’s optional dependencies?

Then you should see the Ivy optional dependencies in the lib directory, organized per configuration (see the ivy.xml for details about the configurations and their use).

How to debug HTTP authentication in Ivy?

If this is ok, check if you don’t need any proxy setting nor authentication. For proxy setting, you can use for instance this: For http authentication, fill in the appropriate data at configuration time. If you still have no idea of what is wrong, then setup Ivy to use Apache HTTP Client library and turn on the debug logging for that library.