What city is ZIP code 64060?

What city is ZIP code 64060?


What is Kearney Missouri ZIP code?

Kearney/Zip codes

Is Kearney MO a good place to live?

Kearney is in Clay County and is one of the best places to live in Missouri. Living in Kearney offers residents a sparse suburban feel and most residents own their homes. Many families and young professionals live in Kearney and residents tend to lean conservative. The public schools in Kearney are highly rated.

What county is Kearney Missouri in?

Clay CountyKearney / CountyClay County is located in the U.S. state of Missouri and is part of the Kansas City metropolitan area. As of the 2020 census, the county had a population of 253,335, making it the fifth-most populous county in Missouri. Its county seat is Liberty. Wikipedia

What is the zip code for Excelsior Springs Missouri?

64024Excelsior Springs / Zip code

What is the zip code for Holt Mo?

64048Holt / Zip code

What is Grand Island ZIP code?

Grand Island/Zip codes

Is Kearney Missouri Safe?

Kearney has an overall crime rate of 15 per 1,000 residents, making the crime rate here near the average for all cities and towns of all sizes in America. According to our analysis of FBI crime data, your chance of becoming a victim of crime in Kearney is 1 in 68.

What is Kearney MO known for?

Kearney holds its place in American history and folklore as the birthplace of one of the American west’s most notorious characters, Jesse James. To the northeast of Kearney is found a farm that plays an interesting part in the history of the Kearney area as well as other parts of the country.

What is Kearney Missouri famous for?

Kearney, the president of the Kansas City and Cameron Railroad. Kearney was incorporated in 1869. It is the birth place of Jesse Woodson James, the famous member of James – Younger Gang. Kearney is home to Jesse James Farm and Museum.

What is the zip code for Liberty Missouri?

Liberty/Zip codes

How do you spell Excelsior Springs?

Excelsior Springs is a city in Clay and Ray counties in the U.S. state of Missouri and part of the Kansas City metropolitan area. The population was 10,553 at the 2020 census.

What is the zip code for Kansas City Missouri?

Kansas City/Zip codes

How Safe Is Liberty MO?

The chance of becoming a victim of either violent or property crime in Liberty is 1 in 53. Based on FBI crime data, Liberty is not one of the safest communities in America. Relative to Missouri, Liberty has a crime rate that is higher than 57% of the state’s cities and towns of all sizes.

Does Kearney Missouri have a mask mandate?

The Public Health Emergency Order was updated to make face masks required in all indoor areas of public accommodation.

Where was Jesse James Home in Missouri?

St. Joseph, Missouri
The Jesse James Home Museum is the house in St. Joseph, Missouri where outlaw Jesse James was living and was gunned down on April 3, 1882, by Robert Ford….Jesse James Home Museum.

Jesse James House
Location 12th St. and Mitchell Ave., St. Joseph, MO
Coordinates 39°45′19.79″N 94°50′42.5″W
Area less than one acre
Built 1880

Where did Frank and Jesse James live?

western Missouri
Raised in the “Little Dixie” area of western Missouri, James and his family maintained strong Southern sympathies. He and his brother Frank James joined pro-Confederate guerrillas known as “bushwhackers” operating in Missouri and Kansas during the American Civil War.

What is the zip code for Pleasant Valley Missouri?

64068Pleasant Valley / Zip code

What is the zip code for Platte City MO?

64079Platte City / Zip code