What does BMM Test Labs stand for?

What does BMM Test Labs stand for?

Bellamy, Miller and Monypenny
BMM, which stands for Bellamy, Miller and Monypenny, first offered IT services focusing on technical assurance and early on won contracts with very large gaming enterprises Tatts and Tabcorp.

What is BMM gaming?

BMM is the longest established and most experienced private independent gaming certification lab in the world. BMM has provided professional technical and regulatory compliance services to the gaming industry since 1981.

Why choose BMM testlabs?

you have a choice in gaming testlabs BMM Testlabs is the longest established and most experienced private independent gaming testing laboratory in the world. We have been serving the gaming industry for over 38 years. Our experience, expertise and dedication in this fast paced and evolving market ensure we always exceed client expectations.

Do BMM testlabs’ complimentary services require a pledge of exclusivity?

Martin Storm, BMM Testlabs’ President and CEO added, “Importantly, BMM’s complimentary services do not require a pledge of exclusivity from commercial and tribal gaming regulators. Our only desire is to ensure our regulatory partners are up to date on all the latest gaming technology and get the help they need.

What is BMM’s QA strategy?

BMM uses QA strategy and best practices, test plans and cases or blend these with our clients as required, carefully separating product certification testing. Across its current team of some 160 QA experts, all of whom are ISTQB certified, BMM’s QA metrics include a 98% first-pass rate, 96% on-time delivery, and an issue containment rate of 99.3%.”

How many employees does BMM have in the world?

BMM employs 400 people in 14 global locations and serves over 460 jurisdictions and has offices in Moncton (Canada), Lima (Peru), Buenos Aires (Argentina), Barcelona (Spain), Bologna (Italy), Krakow (Poland), Bucharest (Romania), Midrand (South Africa), Melbourne&Sydney (Australia), Macau (SAR, China) and Singapore .