What is the cost of Western Red Cedar lumber?

What is the cost of Western Red Cedar lumber?

$3.30ea. (0.667 bdft.)

How much does a piece of cedar wood cost?

Eastern red cedar costs between $5 and $8 per linear foot.

Is Western Red Cedar good wood?

Western red cedar is naturally resistant to decay and insect damage, so no chemical treatment is required. Its superior durability, aesthetic beauty and dimensional stability make it an excellent choice for exterior applications in residential or commercial projects.

Is Western red cedar the same as redwood?

Color. It’s tough to determine a winner in this category, but there is definitely a difference in appearance. Western red cedar, unless stained a different color, will naturally have a yellowish tone, while redwood has a noticeably true reddish-brown hue (there’s a reason it’s called “redwood”).

What’s the difference between cedar and red cedar?

Western red cedar is slightly stronger. Western red cedar has a bit more strength than white cedar and is less likely to knot. However, eastern white cedar is still strong enough to meet the needs of most construction projects.

Is red cedar wood expensive?

How expensive is cedar wood? Western red cedar (Thuja plicata) is one of the most popular types of cedar for construction and casualty, and it can cost anywhere from $5 to $20 per board foot.

Is Western Red Cedar the same as redwood?

What is cheaper redwood or cedar?

A.: Cedar Wood is Cheaper. Redwood is more durable than Cedar wood but the cost is almost 20-22% higher than the Cedar wood.

Which is cheaper redwood or cedar?

Redwood is more durable, but the cost is around 20% more expensive, on average, than cedar. Redwood may be a slightly better wood, but the cost and access make cedar the winner.

Is western red cedar better than cedar?

If you require larger pieces of cedar for your project, you may have to go with western red cedar. Western red cedar is slightly stronger. Western red cedar has a bit more strength than white cedar and is less likely to knot.

Is red cedar and western red cedar the same?

Western red-cedar is also known as western redcedar, red cedar, Pacific red cedar, arborvitae (Latin for tree of life), giant arborvitae, or giant-cedar. It is not a true cedar; that name belongs to the old world genus Cedrus.

Why choose rough and surfaced western red cedar lumber?

J&W Lumber offers a full selection of Rough and Surfaced Western Red Cedar lumber that can be used for just about any outdoor project. If you’re aiming to have one of the best-looking projects in your neighborhood, then choose one of the world’s most beautiful woods – Western Red Cedar.

What is the grain of red cedar wood?

Wester Red Cedar Wood grain is straight and moderately coarse. The scent of Western Red Cedar Wood is aromatic and clean. Drying: Dries well with little to no degrading. Workability: Western Red Cedar wood is easy to work with and machines very well. Durability: Heartwood is very durable and resistant to rot and decay.

What is western red cedar used for?

Western red cedar is a softwood known for its beauty, versatility, and durability. It’s native to North America where it’s commonly used in outdoor construction such as posts, trellis’, pergolas’, decking, shingles, and sidings.

How long does it take to order red cedar lumber?

Our Rough Western Red Cedar Hardwood Lumber is readily available for shipment within 24 to 48 hours of placing your order depending on our workload. The surfacing, edging, and finishing is completed by the customer or woodworker. The material has not been machined in anyway aside from being ripped on the band saw.