What is the instruction format of 8085?

What is the instruction format of 8085?

In 8085, the length is measured in terms of “byte” rather then “word” because 8085 microprocessor has 8-bit data bus. Three types of instruction are: 1-byte instruction, 2-byte instruction, and 3-byte instruction. In 1-byte instruction, the opcode and the operand of an instruction are represented in one byte.

What are instructions in 8085?

Arithmetic Group

Instruction Set Explanation Flags
ADI data [A] ← [A] + data Add immediate data to accumulator All
ACI data [A] ← [A] + data + [CS] Add with carry immediate data to accumulator All
DAD rp [H-L] ←[H-L] + [rp] Add register paid to H-L pair CS
SUB r [A] ←[A]-[r] Subtract register from accumulator All

What is instruction code format?

Instruction Codes. • An instruction code is a group of bits that instruct the computer to perform a specific operation. • The operation code of an instruction is a group of bits that define operations such as addition, subtraction, shift, complement, etc.

What is instruction format in microprocessor?

Instruction format supports the design of bits in an instruction. It contains fields including opcode, operands, and addressing mode. The instruction length is generally preserved in multiples of the character length, which is 8 bits.

What are the different types of instruction in microprocessor?

Microprocessor – 8086 Instruction Sets

  • Data Transfer Instructions.
  • Arithmetic Instructions.
  • Bit Manipulation Instructions.
  • String Instructions.
  • Program Execution Transfer Instructions (Branch & Loop Instructions)
  • Processor Control Instructions.
  • Iteration Control Instructions.
  • Interrupt Instructions.

What is instruction format types?

Computer Organization | Instruction Formats (Zero, One, Two and Three Address Instruction) A computer performs a task based on the instruction provided. Instruction in computers comprises groups called fields.

What are instructions types?

The instruction types include load and store with reservation, synchronization, and enforce in-order execution of I/O. They are especially useful for multiprocessing. Flow Control Instructions – These include branch, Condition-Register logical, trap, and other instructions that affect the instruction flow.

What is 3 Address instruction format?

Three-address instruction is a format of machine instruction. It has one opcode and three address fields. One address field is used for destination and two address fields for source.