Where did they film Reign of Fire?

Where did they film Reign of Fire?

Wicklow Mountains
Reign of Fire was filmed in Ireland’s Wicklow Mountains, at the Glendasan Valley Lead Mines. Permission was given on the condition that the area was not damaged and the crew removed all sets once filming was complete.

What year was Reign of Fire made?

July 12, 2002 (USA)Reign of Fire / Release date

Will there be a Reign of Fire 2?

There was a planned Reign Of Fire sequel according to internet forums at the time, but it was something neither Bowman or Greenberg heard anything about. A so-so video game adaptation and rumoured television series that never eventuated saw the end of a dragon multiverse.

Was Reign of Fire a flop?

With the tagline “Fight fire with fire,” the dragon apocalypse blockbuster Reign of Fire crashed and burned at the box-office in the summer of 2002. Once it hit home entertainment, the metamorphosis from flop to beloved cult film was almost instantaneous.

Where did the dragons come from in Reign of Fire?

The Dragons were rediscovered in 1999 when a young boy named Quinn Abercromby investigated the tunnels during the construction of Underground London, and as he climbed into a cave which the workers had discovered, it was discovered that the cave was inhabited by a huge hibernating Dragon. This is the Male Dragon.

Why do the dragons eat ash in Reign of Fire?

An odd feature of their biology was their ability to eat ash in addition to raw meat. Though it is not known how they absorbed nutrients from the ash, it seemed they could subsist entirely off it, further explaining their ability to breathe fire, so as to burn everything into ash, upon which they fed with zeal.

Did Reign of Fire make money?

By the end of its theatrical run, it barely scraped back its $82 million budget (grossing $112 million internationally), which is an interesting figure when you consider its stars — Matthew McConaughey, Christian Bale, Gerard Butler — were all on their way to A-List status.

What did Reign of Fire gross?

Reign Of Fire was the most expensive film ever shot in Ireland at the time….Reign Of Fire.

Budget: $100 million Financed by: Spyglass Entertainment
Domestic Gross: $43,061,982 Overseas Gross: $39,088,201

Who designed the dragons in Reign of Fire?

Pamela Kleibrink Thompson sits down with co-visual effects supervisor Dan DeLeeuw to talk about one of The Secret Lab’s last effects projects, Reign of Fire, and creating the film’s horrible winged creatures. A 10-year veteran of visual effects, DeLeeuw’s connections helped him find his first job.

How big was the male dragon in Reign of Fire?

180 feet long
The female dragons were conceived as 160 feet long and with a 240-foot wingspan. The bull male — the first dragon awakened in an ancient underground cave — is instead 180 feet long and with an enormous wingspan of 320 feet.