Who got their ankles broken the most in the NBA?

Who got their ankles broken the most in the NBA?

1. Kyrie Irving, Boston Celtics. Kyrie Irving is the most creative ball-handler in the NBA….Who is the best ankle breaker?

# Player OVR
1. Allen Iverson All-Decade 2000s All-Stars 97
2. Kyrie Irving All-Time Cleveland Cavaliers 94
3. Kyrie Irving 2015-16 Cleveland Cavaliers 93

Is ankle Break real in basketball?

What Is The Definition Of Breaking Ankles In Basketball? 1. This refers to when an offensive basketball player performs a dribbling move with the ball, usually a crossover, that causes the defender to either lose balance or fall to the court.

What ankle brace do NBA players wear?

If you’re looking for professional-grade ankle protection, the Zamst A2-DX Strong Ankle Brace (view at Amazon), which is used by NBA player Stephen Curry, is your best bet.

Who broke LeBron’s ankle?

LeBron James twisted his ankle, badly, during a collision with Jaxson Hayes while trying to get an offensive rebound in the first quarter of the Lakers’ 116-108 loss to the New Orleans Pelicans on Sunday night.

When can I play basketball after ankle surgery?

Full return to play is expected in 8 weeks. Forced dorsiflexion of the ankle with simultaneous contraction of the gastrocnemius-soleus complex. RICE protocol and operative management in all athletes. Splint or cast for 1-2 weeks post-surgery.

How long does it take for an NBA player to come back from an ankle sprain?

Full rehabilitation for moderate to severe sprains is usually accomplished by 6-8 weeks, at which time the athlete can safely return to competition.

Is it good to play basketball with ankle brace?

Short answer: Yes, in the majority of cases basketball players should wear an ankle brace. Most people don’t realize that 42.9% of high school basketball players will injure their ankle during the course of their season, making the ankle the most common basketball injury location by far.

How long was LeBron out with ankle?

LeBron James’ left ankle was recently reevaluated by Lakers medical staff, and it was determined that due to the ankle sprain James suffered in a game on March 27th, he will miss the remainder of the 2021-22 NBA season to allow for continued healing and an expected full recovery.

Can you play basketball after ankle surgery?

The average return to play after surgical intervention is 3.8 months versus 5.6 months with conservative treatment.