Who played clarinet on Take Five?

Who played clarinet on Take Five?

David Warren Brubeck (/ˈbruːbɛk/; December 6, 1920 – December 5, 2012) was an American jazz pianist and composer, and one of the foremost exponents of cool jazz.

What instrument plays the melody in Take Five?

But it is Desmond who is credited as Take Five’s composer. The quartet playing it was made up of Brubeck on the piano, Desmond on alto saxophone, Morello on drums and Wright on double bass.

What instruments are used in Take Five Dave Brubeck?


  • Dave Brubeck – piano.
  • Paul Desmond – alto saxophone.
  • Gene Wright – upright bass.
  • Joe Morello – drums.

What is the unique feature of the tune Take Five?

What is the unique feature of the tune Take Five? It uses an unusual rhythmic pattern.

Which instrument was used for the first time in jazz in the cool style?

b. “Classical” instruments such as flute, French horn, tuba, and vibraphone (vibes) were often found in cool jazz groups. 3. Cool jazz was a blending of jazz and classical music.

What key is KoKo in?

E-flat minorKoko (Short Take 1) / Key

How many bars are in a chorus in Ko Ko?

two 64 bars
Ko-ko starts with a 32 bars intro, during which we hear only muted trumpet, alto and drums. We hear no piano and no bass. Intro is followed by two 64 bars choruses of Parker solo, based on Cherokee harmony, then a 32 bars drum solo, and at last the intro used as coda.

What is the texture of Take Five?

In ‘Take 5’, the texture is homophonic, meaning a melody with accompaniment, and the texture lines up vertically.

What instrument does Louis Armstrong play?

Armstrong had been playing an earlier version of a Selmer trumpet since 1932. Even though he believed you could play a trumpet for a long time, he had the habit of playing his trumpets for approximately five years before he passed it on as a gift to a friend or colleague.

Who wrote KoKo?

Charlie ParkerDuke Ellington
Koko (Short Take 1)/Composers

What form is KoKo?

“Ko-Ko” (also spelled “Ko Ko” or, less frequently, “KoKo”) is a 1945 bebop recording composed by Charlie Parker. The original recorded version lists Parker on alto saxophone with trumpeter Miles Davis, double bassist Curley Russell and drummer Max Roach.